Bernie Sanders on Trump Supposedly Saving Carrier Jobs

An excerpt:

“In exchange for allowing United Technologies to continue to offshore more than 1,000 jobs, Trump will reportedly give the company tax and regulatory favors that the corporation has sought. Just a short few months ago, Trump was pledging to force United Technologies to “pay a damn tax.” He was insisting on very steep tariffs for companies like Carrier that left the United States and wanted to sell their foreign-made products back in the United States. Instead of a damn tax, the company will be rewarded with a damn tax cut. Wow! How’s that for standing up to corporate greed? How’s that for punishing corporations that shut down in the United States and move abroad?”


On the other hand, we have a Trump admirer tweeting:

Pamela Moore

This is why we elected Trump!
He knows how to Negotiate & Win! B/c Trump is a worker, not a lazy liberal!


Gosh, I never knew Donald Jackass Trump actually ever had a real, y’know, job, y’know, where he worked with those famous hands of his. Like making clamps or thermostats, or installing electrical conduits, or teaching, or driving a fork-lift truck, or delivering newspapers, or writing articles … which are some of the jobs I’ve had as a lazy liberal/radical.


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  1. I’ve been accused of being a libera, but then I’m not alone because just about everyone right of far Alt-Right has been too.

    This alleged lazy liberal is a former U.S. Marine who fought in Vietnam.

    I first went to work when I was 15 washing dishes 30 hours a week nights and weekends while going to school days to barely finish high school.

    I also worked my way through college with help from the GI Bill, that was never enough to pay the full tuition and living costs. I actually paid back the $7,000 in student loans I borrowed to finish college by working two jobs for more than two years, day and night in addition to weekends.

    I worked for 45 years from age 15 to 60, and never collected unemployment, food stamps, or any other entitlement program.

    I waited until I turned 70 to apply for Social Security, and then because I worked as a public school teacher for thirty years, often working 60 to 100 hour weeks, the Social Security I earned for the 15 years I worked outside of education was cut in half.

    Any biased, hateful, ignorant, deplorable, Alt-Right conservative that accuses me of being a lazy liberal will earn the anger of a former U.S. Marine and maybe a hard fist in the snoot hopefully resulting in a broken nose.

    I do have an old former friend my age who belongs to the Alt-Right, for sure a deplorable because he voted for Donald Trump and rants and raves about us lazy liberals, who spent half of his working life deliberately out-of-work collecting unemployment.


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