One state or two in Israel / Palestine?

No nation or people that makes its living by oppressing another group and depriving it of the full civil rights of first – class citizenship deserves sympathy and support from the world community in its efforts to suppress 

There have been, and still are,  many nations that do that. The USA, for one, systematically stole its territory from the Indians, and stole the labor of Africans brought htovthat country in slave ships. Only when it ended slavery and (mostly) granted citizenship rights to Native Americans could we honestly say that the US was truly civilized.

Israel is a weird case. It won its territory in an unusual combination of both legal purchase and expropriation in wartime. Many of israel’s founders were definitely on the left hand of the political spectrum and their families were victims of one of the most egregious genocides ever.  However, during the 1948 war of independence after Partition (or Nakba (“disaster”)) there is no question that the Israeli side Engaged in what we now call ethnic cleansing. While they did allow the Arabs and Druze who remained inside Israel to vote and such, they gave many more financial and other privileges to their Jewish citizens. 

Nowadays there is absolutely no hope of a viable Palestinian state because if it existed, it would look worse on a map than anything Eldridge Gerry ever wrote on that Massachusetts map way back when…

And unless the Israeli government wants to be a formally apartheid-style government where, in the spirit of Sparta, one part of the society wants to formally and ritually declare war on the other part as the Lacedaemobians did against the Helots, or to resemble the South African racists who carved up a small fraction of the land (the worst part, naturally) into Bantustans but without any jobs so that all the inhabitants of said Bantustans had to immigrate (legally or not) into the whites-only areas and suffer all kinds of harassment, discrimination, low pay, and horrible working and social conditions… or want to imitate the “wealthy” Gulf states where most of the people (and almost all those who actually work with their hands) have no citizenship rights or right to bargain collectively to individually for the redress of grievances, and can be deported or jailed and all possessions confiscated at any time, for almost any reason….

Unless they want to Formally bestow that untermensch status on the Palestinian people and violate all the traditionally Jewish tenets of Tzedekah (Righteousness) or of being Ner laGoyim (Light unto the Nations [ie leading by example]) then they will have to make Israel – Palestine a state that is officially at least binational and where

    Jews (of whatever type [remember that non-Orthodox Jews have less rights there than the Orthodox variety, because the Orthos were able to wangle that status thru the peculiarities of the Israeli parliamentary-coalition electoral system way back in the 1940s and 1950s and never lost them…


      Arabs (again, of whatever variety) and

        any other group have civil and legal and practical equal rights, despite the fact that it looks like right now, the Arab and Jewish populations of Palestine are roughly equal, but Arabs are reproducing more quickly and hence will. ery soon be a majority.

        note what i wrote about the UAE and other Gulf states. As in many parts of the world, a very large fraction of the folks who actually do the low-paid, difficult, and low-esteem jobs in the USA and the Arabian Gulf come from elsewhere (Central & South America for the US; Africa and south Asia for the Emirates) and generally have no rights. The same happens in Europe and the UK but the “illegal immigrants” have origins elsewhere.

        I hope my readers remember hearing of the times when anti-immigrant nativist and racist anger here in the US was directed against the Irish, Itslians, Jews, Germans, Russians, and Poles — around the time my Dad was born (1920). That sort of divisiveness, pitting poor woeking people against each other, has of course enabled the very wealthy industrialists and financiers to earn enirmous fortunes merely for having sone ideas — but others put them into practice and shared very little in the gains, because they had no bargaining power to push for safer or better working cobditions, nor for better short-term or long-term compensation or pensions or health care.

        obviously if on one side you have a small class of multi-millionaires or billionaires with the very best lawyer money can buy, as well as all of the politicians that have sold themselves to their bidding (think of the way that the Koch brothers, as detailed in Dark Money, have managed to get their ability to purchase politicians legalized via Citizens United) — how on earth can a single worker or citizen suffering from low pay and no benefits , such as a Walmart ir McDonalds workee, get any traction? how can they possibly negotiate a better deal on their own? how can an individual un-unionized teacher or airline worker or day-care aide possibly earn a living wage without the voice of a union that has a professional staff of, among ither things, professional lawyers and negotiatirs and researchers on their side? not to mention aides and lobbyists that strictly deal with politicians, health-care plans, and pension funds? I mean, the bosses have all that, and they have the funds to hire the very ablest (and amoral) graduates in every one of the fields i just mentioned, and more! (Tax lovbyists, PR specialists, etc…)

        why is it considered “Christian” to root for the oligarchy and against the poor and the oppressed? where does Jesus adminish us to cast out the rightless and unprivileged wanderer? if you are poor or middle class and dont think the current class structure is unfair to all except the millionaires and billionaires, then you should want to UNITE with other working or middle-class or totally impoverished people TOGETHER. Not under the mysogynistic and anti-immigrant and anti-Union banners of a billionaire who has a proven record of discrimination against Blacks and Latinos; cheating his contractors and employees; and of lying almost as often as he compketes a paragraph?

        (Did know Presiden Obama earned his title of Deporter-in-Chief honestly and fairly, since he deported more people during his term than ANY. OTHER. PRESIDENT.?)

        Now the Republican party (with help of Corporate Democrats) have made the very idea of a union a four-letter word. White workers in the South famouly have long been convinced that they should never unite in a common cause of any sort with Black workers, and the Klan and pilice have been there to shoot or club any workers who got such communistic ideas….
        About 43 years ago I took part in demonstrations alonside my fellow Kibbutzniks against illegal Jewish settlements on occupied territory. obviously, we lost. i suspect that many anti-racist Israelis either left the country or changed their philosophy.

        It is quite sad that states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa, where a middle-class existence for millions vecame possible thanks to concerted, forceful actions by workers of the United Auto Workers Union and many others, have had their kegislatures go so far to the right that virtually all public-employee unions have been decertified. Also, thanks to the actions of money-changers and financial “experts” like the ones in Trump’s and Obama’s cabinets, all of those big industries have either been exported or the jobs therein automated away…

        Do those Republican voters really think its in their best interests to to unite with billionaires and to demonize and uproot millions of poor souls who couldnt possibly pay the bribes needed (or to hire the expensive lawyers) for proper immigration papers — trying to escape some of the most violent and dangerous places on earth?

        I mean, have you ever tried conversing with an immigrant, partly in English and partly in their language, and asked them about their life and ahared something about yours?

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