Want to have letters or other messages hand-delivered to the US Congress or Senate?

Delivering letters to your US Congress and Senate members! I live in DC and therefore have no real representation. If you live elsewhere and want to make an impact, you may have tried to email or call your Rep or Senator. If so, you’ve probably had a hard time getting through. 
If you would like to write letters or post cards to show your displeasure at the actions of #45 and the Repugnican party, you could organize some people to write some notes, send them to me, and I and at least one local family member can deliver them in person. I understand that on a scale of ‘doing nothing’ = 0 and ‘being impeached, publicly shamed, losing all your money and votes and going to jail’ = 100, then a personal delivery of some written messages to a congressional office is definitely > 0 and also higher than leaving a voice mail message. 
You can PM me for my mailing address and any other details.
PS thanks to my daughter (a California resident and activist) Alexandra Brandenburg for sharing this 


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  1. I missed this post earlier. Great idea. I do have to say as a Canadian who used to live in Ottawa and the National Capital Region the idea of not having representation in Congress is weird to say the least.

    But then we do other strange things like setting up polls in prisons so that prisoners may vote and doing our damnedest to track down the homeless to make sure they can vote.

    We also more or less automatically register any citizen over the age of 17 to vote so there is usually no need for a voter to “register”.


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