300 Scientists Claim There is no Climate Change …

But what type of scientists are they?

This rather funny article I found in The Guardian shows that almost none of them have any actual experience in the study of climate changes.

Here is an excerpt:

There many are other examples that list no degree, affiliation, or expertise, such as:

BEE, Roger: ();

BEETHAM, Barry: ();

I guess having a first and last name are sufficient to be included in this list of eminent scientists. Sadly, the list also includes William Happer, who is under consideration for the position of President Trump’s science advisor, and also a couple of fellows we know to be quite nutty.

Finally, how about the person who appeared to orchestrate this letter, Richard Lindzen? Well, he may be best known for taking contrarian views on climate change that are not substantiated by the research, and being wrong on all of them. In fact, he has put forward multiple studies that were shown to be incorrect or questionable by his colleagues in the field. 

A summary that I coauthored of his work is available here with links to all of the relevant studies so people can read for themselves. In fact, one of his studies was rebutted by three separate papers within a year of publication. This is astonishing – most papers are never rebutted. In fact, I would venture that most scientists never have a paper rebutted in their entire career.

What is the takeaway message? As I’ve said many times, the science is settled. Human emissions of greenhouse gases are causing the Earth’s climate to change. It’s practically impossible to find a reputable climate scientist who disagrees, or a climate scientist who can support an alternative view. It is also very difficult to find a scientist who thinks that the warming isn’t a problem, or isn’t significantly caused by humans. But, this isn’t a lack of trying on their side.

When the folks denying human influence on climate can only generate the type of signatures attached to this letter, it shows that while they are good at getting press, they are not good at climate science.

Of course, press may be all they ever wanted in the first place.

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  1. There are some interesting co-signers on that letter
    One of the distinguished (and bats**) crazies is Lord Moncton, a man who goes around claiming to be a member of the British House of Lords even though the H of Lords has directly said that he is not a member—he is, though, a legitimate peer. He also claims to have been science advisor to Maggie Thatcher though other people who worked for the PM are usually very surprised to hear that.

    Then there is Dr. Tim Ball who claims to be emeritus professor of Climate Science at the University of Winnipeg. University of Winnipeg claims they have never had a professor or department of climate science. Dr Ball did teach for some time in the Geography Department of the University of Winnipeg.

    Then there is Senator Malcom [sic] Roberts of the nutty and racist One Nation Party in Australia who claims that all the climate science that suggests global warming produced by just about anyone anywhere in the world is totally fake.

    Then there is Willie Soon whose funding sources at one time seemed very interesting.

    And the list goes on. As John Abraham points out, almost none of the signatories show the slightest qualifications in climate science research. For example, it is not clear to me how knowledgeable the retired Head of Orthopedic Department, National Hospital, Oslo,Norway is likely to be about climate change.

    It is also interesting to read the Wiki entry about William Happer. Definitely he is or was a knowledgeable scientist in his field which does not seem to have any connection with climate science.

    It is also interesting to read about the part of the Happer wiki that describes the Greenpeace sting.


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