Half or more of all Scottish teachers feel the stresses of their job have made them mentally ill

I don’t think the general public has any idea how stressful teaching is today. (If you know a teacher, ask them for stories explaining this! I don’t feel like stressing my own psyche by revisiting horrible events and stressors from my active teaching days to give you examples. But the pressures are relentless, coupled with being accountable to reach impossible and conflicting goals with no real authority or trust given whatsoever… and the workweek is often 60-80 hours or more.)

 This article discusses the apparently quite-similar situation over in Scotland. The comments include remarks like “Only half?”


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  1. You would think that perhaps someone would figure out that with such a high percentage of teachers dealing with toxic stress that maybe the demands on teachers are far beyond what are realistic given the time and resources available.


    • You would think that if you were a reasonable person. However, those in charge of what passes for education in this county have long ago brought the schools into an Orwellian vortex of insanity – under presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump equally.


      • What country are you talking about? The article was about Scotland…. I am pretty sure that Bush, Obama and Trump are from the USA.

        On the other hand, from what I read, my impression is that US teachers face even worse pressures than the Scots.


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