The joys of opting out!!

From Steven Singer at


Testing season is a gray period in my classroom.
But it’s a joy in my house.
As a classroom teacher with a daughter in the public school system, I’m always struck by the difference.

In school I have to proctor the federally mandated standardized tests. But I’ve opted my own daughter out. She doesn’t take them.
So at home, I get to see all the imaginative projects she’s created in her class while the other kids had to trudge away at the exam.

“Daddy, daddy, look!” she squeals.
And I’m bombarded by an entire Picasso blue period.
Or “Daddy, will you staple these?”
And I’m besieged by a series of her creative writing.
My daughter is only in second grade and she loves standardized test time.
It’s when she gets to engage in whatever self-directed study strikes her fancy.

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