Trump-Don’t Care Is Dead!!

Yahoo! Biggest Loser, MangoMussolini, Old Rot 45, has lost again!

He pulled his nasty Trump-Don’t-Care (AHCA) written by evil Orc Paul Ryan.

That being said, I don’t see why it’s a CONSERVATIVE position to wish millions of your fellow-citizens to go bankrupt from medical bills that they can’t possibly pay. That doesn’t sound like conserving anything – you know, keeping people safe … ?

I say that because the far right wing of the Republican party reportedly rebelled against allowing people to get insurance with pre=existing conditions, or allowing young people to stay on their parents’ plan until they are 26. (At which point there is a slight possibility that said young adult just might find an actual job with benefits, if they are lucky and well-connected… Young people tend to think of themselves as invincible and immortal beings, but one never knows when something catastrophic can happen.

I’m not going to say that the ACA aka Obamacare aka Romneycare is perfect. What I have, through Kaiser Permanente, isn’t perfect either, but it sounds a whole lot more reasonable – for me and my family – than anything I see in ACA. Paul Ryan’s apparent idea that it’s somehow unfair to people who are healthy if their premiums get used to help those who are sick.

Well, DUH, that’s PRECISELY the idea. You spread the risk over the largest and most random group you can find, if you want to keep premiums low. The best way is to do what just about every other advanced nation does: have a national, single-payer government-run health payment plan. Every single person is covered, from birth. Each person would have a contact physician and nursing team, and schools would have optometrists, general practictioners, PAs, RNs, LPNs and DDS and behavioral health personnel, who would do a checkup regtularly of each and every kid, and do dental, optical, hearing and immunizations and everything else, right at the scvhool, so that at most, a kid might have to miss a period or two – unless they have to go to a specialist or be hospitalized for some reason. And you have actual, trained cooks who make good food for the students – good breakfasts, good lunches, and if need be (evening classes etc) suppers and meals during weekends and when school is otherwise closed for inclement weather. Not cheerios, tater tots, and white-bread-and-jam or – bologna sandwiches. Real food.

That’s how you keep people healthy.

Unless the only people and things you want to keep healthy is the very wealthy and the size of the gazillionaires’ bank accounts.



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  1. I used to have Kaiser Permanente health care and I miss it. People always asked why I liked it because you didn’t get to pick your own doctor. I asked them: How doctors did you interview before you selected yours. And I did get to select my own doctors. If the one I got was somebody I didn’t like there was a whole medical center full of them to choose from. Plus I went three and a half years of medical appointments where I was in and out and back in my car before the schedule start of my appointment. (Once you know a system, you can take into account its strengths and weaknesses, e.g. never go to an emergency room on a weekend.) Plus, it was cheaper than all of the other health care plans available to my employer.

    Currently I have Medicare and I think everyone should have this.


  2. Mr Brandenburg,
    Well said! As so many of your posts. This should be shared widely.


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