Education “Reformers” have no idea what they are doing…

Here is Steve Ruis pointing out what I’ve been saying for years:

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  1. I am impressed by this article in the Class Warfare blog. Unfortunately not favourably.

    A bit of accuracy and logical reasoning might have helped. If the reformers have no idea what they are doing and it does look like the US is trying to destroy its once good education system it might help to be accurate.

    our school children scored fairly mediocre in international math testing one year, the same year in which our school children won the prestigious and highly competitive Math Olympics

    And those children who won the Math Olympics come from any common-or-garden funded public system? And are randomly picked?

    Measuring the median and cherry picking the elite is not good science.

    since about the 1960’s we have had these “mediocre international test scores” but still had a university system the envy of the world,

    Very true, please count the number of current graduate students who grew up in the USA. And were staff like Gödel & Einstein a product of the USA’s university system? Certainly some of the most distinguished scientists in the last 30-40 year were from US universities but let’s not get too carried away.

    In comparing “fruit to fruit” why should we compare how we did with how well Singapore or Shanghai did? Are they countries of similar population? (Hint: They aren’t even countries!)

    Alt-Fact-Hint : Singapore is a country which joined the United Nations in 1965.

    Shanghai is a “city” of a mere 24 million people. I tend to agree that including this in something like PISA results is cheating a bit but can the author give me a nation with uniform school system with a population of 24 million?

    It may make sense to treat Shanghai as different from other parts of China just as it may make sense to treat the tiny (in Chinese terms) US state of Massachusetts, a bit under 7 million, as different from most other US states as apparently it outscores them and is probably an outlier worthy of attention.


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