Different City, Same Results: Students in DC who use vouchers to go to private schools do WORSE than their peers who don’t 

First paragraph from today’s WAPO article:

“Students in the nation’s only federally funded school voucher initiative performed worse on standardized tests within a year after entering D.C. private schools than peers who did not participate, according to a new federal analysis that comes as President Trump is seeking to pour billions of dollars into expanding the private school scholarships nationwide.”

“D.C. students who used vouchers had significantly lower math scores a year after joining the program, on average, than students who applied for a voucher through a citywide lottery but did not receive one. For voucher students in kindergarten through fifth grade, reading scores were also significantly lower. For older voucher students, there was no significant difference in reading scores.

“For voucher recipients coming from a low-performing public school — the population that the voucher program primarily aims to reach — attending a private school had no effect on achievement. But for voucher recipients coming from higher-performing public schools, the negative effect was particularly large.”

You can find the actual report at this link:


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  1. The evidence keeps on giving, repeatedly, that highly educated teachers that stay in the classroom for decades as professionals do a better job teaching than lower paid in-and-out teachers because of the turnover in the autocratic, abusive, often fraudulent and inferior voucher and/or corporate charter schools.


  2. It makes sense that most of the corporate charter and/or voucher schools will never be able to compete and improve the education of their children the same as the traditional public school has been doing for decades.

    The teachers in the community-based, democratic, transparent, non-profit, traditional public schools are professionals (in fact, the majority have masters degrees in the field they teach), and the longer they teach, the better they get at teaching and controlling their classrooms so the learning environment is not a libertarian’s dream of chaos as freedom. These teachers also belong to labor unions so they are paid more, have a fairly decent retirement plan and most of them even have medical. These teachers are also protected by due process laws enshrined in the U.S. Constitution for public workers. That means the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of these professional public school teachers.

    But most if not all of the corporate charter schools are not the same. Most of their teachers earn less than the professional teachers in the traditional public schools. Most of these teachers don’t stay more than a few years, because of the way they are treated by the autocratic CEOs that profit off of those schools, and the long hours the teachers are forced to work for less pay.

    The basic difference is that the corporate charter schools are like Wal-Mart. Most of the employees have no retirement plans, no medical, are treated like shit, and work for poverty wages. Oh, and these teachers do not have any due process rights that are part of the U.S. Constitution to protect public workers from being fired without cause (like Trump fired the FBI director and others). These teachers can be fired for any reason or no reason at any time. That’s why when these teachers speak out when they think the leadership is wrong and is hurting the children, the CEOs and managers fire them. These non-professional teachers are also almost always required to sign a nondisclosure form so after they quit or are fired for daring to stand up for their students or their rights when they are abused and mistreated, if they go public, they end up in court where the legal costs can destroy them financially.


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