Libertarian Approach to Health Care…

… was just explained by one of its advocates. He said that libertarians do not want to prevent [poor] people from getting health care. Instead, libertarians think that the free market would disseminate information and new ideas on health care that would “fill in the cracks” and provide health care at lower costs to everybody, and that everything government does, prevents poor people from getting decent health care.

By, uh, magic.

That is complete bullhockey. What the free market does is guarantee excellence in marketing. It does NOT guarantee excellent products that everybody can afford.

Medical care IS indeed expensive, and none of us know when we might need a whole lot of it, in a hurry, or we die. (Car accidents, cancer, and so on….) And there are many good reasons for that high cost, many of them having to do with totally justified government regulations. 

These days, for example, and unlike the 1800s, doctors and other health professionals must go through years and years of very expensive training before they become CERTIFIED to treat patients. In the past, to be a “doctor”, all you needed was a few bottles of cocaine, morphine  and horse linament, a sharp razor blade, and a sign. Curing people? Well, if they were lucky and their “doctor” didn’t make them lose too much blood, they might get better.

Today, we have drugs, devices, and procedures that are amazing. I myself would have died several times over back in the old days, and I have aunts and uncles I NEVER METBECAUSE THEY DIED YOUNG around 1910-20 from stuff that nobody dies from now.
What person earning $15/hour or less can afford an MRI or a course of chemotherapy or a stint in the ICU out of their own pocket? Nearly every city ends up having all of its taxpayers subsidize hospitals to treat such patients — beyond what can be squeezed out of them at bankruptcy proceedings.

But if we had no regulations preventing patients from being turned away, then hospitals would do so much more dramatically than they already do. So what could a struggling working class person afford? Maybe a $100 fee to an untrained quack doctor or faith healer — illegal now, but I guess that is what the free market would provide if it wasn’t for those pesky regulations. (Remember Laetrile?)

What a future. No thanks. Government regulations were generally put there for very good reasons (though I’m sure some could be revised or deleted). It would also help if something as complicated as a replacement for the current health care system actually was published and printed and was subjected to hearings and debate, rather than pushed through with none of those features.

Let’s just enroll EVERYBODY in a health care system that does as much prevention and small-clinic care as possible, and fund it by general and progressive taxation of everybody according to their means. And give everybody the health care they need.

I know it might sound awfully Communistic, and even Sermon-on-the-mount Christian, but really. We have the money. What we don’t have is enough men and women of good will.

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  1. If you are blessed with more, you should pay more taxes. As my income increased, I knew I would have to pay more taxes. I’ve never understood the insatiable greed of the wealthy. How many houses, boats, cars, clothes and possessions does a person need? The bottom line is that the wealthy are NOT job creators. The job creators are the middle class when they can buy goods and services that in turn expand our economy. The wealthy use their money to create economic bubbles, buy politicians, and corrupt government institutions. Also, these billionaires seem to be incredibly lazy, incompetent, stupid and ignorant, if Trump, De Vos, and the rest of Trump’s billionaire buddies are examples of their class. Privatization just wastes taxpayers’ money with its inefficiency and graft. The American public must stop worshipping the businessmen and see the business world as the fake, idiotic, flawed, and cruel system that it is. We have never had a free market system. Anyone that believes in the free market should admit they believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy too. George H W Bush was correct when he called trickle down economics “voodoo economics. “


    • Forbes says that 30 percent of the Forbes 400 members inherited their wealth and the remaining 70 percent are entirely “self-made.”

      But it isn’t that simple.

      “35 percent of the list was born in the ‘batter’s box,’ with a lower-middle class or middle-class background.”

      “22 percent of the list were born on first base: they came from a comfortable but not rich background and might have received some start-up capital from a family member. This group includes Mark Zuckerberg and hedge funder Louis Bacon …” I think Bill Gates belongs to this group.

      “11.5 percent were born on second base, the report says. Second base is defined as people who inherited a medium sized company or more than $1 million or got “substantial” start-up capital from a business or family member … ” Agent Orange Donald Trump, the malignant narcissist in the White House belongs to this group.

      “7 percent were born on third base, inheriting more than $50 million in wealth or a big company.”

      “21 percent were born on home plate, inheriting enough money to make the list”

      No matter how one ends up with wealth, that is not an automatic sign of intelligence, common sense, and/or education. In fact, most individuals who work hard to become successful/powerful are usually power hungry psychopaths.


  2. The rest of the developed world provides health care for their citizens. The U.S. is the last greedy brat (developed country) on the block that hasn’t provided universal health care for everyone in the country.

    Countries with universal health care include Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

    There more. Click the link.

    But the U.S. does have more billionaires than any other country on the planet.

    The U.S. has 565 billionaires. China is #2 with only 319. The entire world only has 2043 billionares.

    the U.S. with 4.3-percent of the world’s population has almost 28-percent of the world’s billionaires but no universal health care for the rest of the people in the U.S.


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