What is to be done?

The reason that American blue collar workers’ jobs and pay are so much at risk is that the capitalists are able to move anywhere in the world, and in order to earn the highest profits and remain wealthy, they seek out countries with little or no environmental standards, extremely low wages and benefits for workers, and, generally a corrupt and dictatorial government.  
Then, If the wages and benefits and environmental conditions get better for the local people (consequently bad for the bosses) they find another, more pliable government by overthrowing that one or relocating to an even lower-wage nation.
What is the solution? It’s not for American workers to enlist in the US military and attack working people overseas. Instead, we need to unite with our brothers and sisters on every continent, no matter what their skin color, native language, or prevailing religion might be, to fight for real living wages everywhere; the right for workers, students and others to organize freely for their own interests; to get rid of corrupt, undemocratic and kleptocratic governments; and to form an international united front against the international class of billionaires and parasites.

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  1. Most multi-millionaires and billionaires ARE lethal viruses; worse than terminal cancer.


    • Valid point.


    • Yes, some are just the equivalent of smallpox. Others are more like Eubola.

      Come to think of it, Putin seems to have figured this out. He’s happy to have a few billionaires around as long as they cooperate. Try to set policy and you are in court for tax evasion, barretry and jay-walking.

      The opposite of us in the west where the oligarchs own the exec.

      Neither is good.


  2. I have just heard/ seen two discussions of the death of capitalism. For a nice pessimistic one http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas. Streeck is proposing a dystropic interregnum between the collapse of capitalism and the emergence of a new order.

    The signs are troubling: the ever-widening chasm between the ultra-rich and everyone else. Mass protests. Political upheaval and social division. It looks as though the rocky marriage between capitalism and democracy is doomed, at least according to Wolfgang Streeck. In conversation with Paul Kennedy about his book How Will Capitalism End?, he makes the unnerving case that capitalism is now at a point where it cannot survive itself.

    For what looks like a more optimistic one (not read) see:

    I’m hoping for the latter.


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