#45 being paid by Putin, according to Kevin McCarthy?

If you read the transcript of the secret June 2016 meeting among Ryan, McCarthy and other Republicans, you see that they are discussing the various methods that Putin and the Russian leadership are using to subvert all the nations to its west — including hacking the DNC and fomenting anti-democratic groups in Europe.
When McCarthy said in the transcript that Putin was paying off Mango Mussolini and Dana Rohrabacher, I think he was probably serious.
Read it for yourself and share what you think.

That being said, of course we all should realize that the CIA and the US Government also try to subvert their opponents by bribery, propaganda, and lots of dirty tricks. And so does every other government that has the means to do so. 

However, it’s quite scary when you have a President and a party that controls 3 major branches of the US government is in thrall to a totally undemocratic, kleptocratic, and kakistocratic bunch of ruthless thieves like Vladimir Putin and his fellow oligarchs.

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  1. One set of undemocratic, kleptocratic, and kakistocratic bunch of ruthless thieves vs another set of undemocratic, kleptocratic, and kakistocratic bunch of ruthless thieves.

    What could go wrong?

    Actually I think calling the Russians “kakistocratic” is a bit unfair.


    • Why unfair? Their leadership is a bunch of amoral, ruthless pricks who mostly used their “Communist” leadership status to become a government of the capitalistic gangsters, by the gangsters, and for the gangsters. If that’s not rule by the kaka (shitheaded) element of society, I don’t know what is.

      (Not that they were actually communists {from each according to ability, to each according to their needs} before …)

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      • Well, I was including idea of incompetence with the term for one thing. If we drop that, perhaps one could use the term for the Russian government but I still dubious.

        The Russian Gov’t as opposed to the oligarchs, per se, actually seem to have the good of the Russian people as one goal. Personal enrichment and aggrandizement, etc. may be competing goals here but if you look at Russia pre-Putin and now the overall well-being of the average Russian citizen has improved.

        Currently I don’t see any real concern by senior US admin/cabinet figures or the Republican leadership in the House and Senate for the welfare of the average American citizen. Just the attempt to repeal Obamacare without substituting an equivalent or better system of health insurance illustrates this all too clearly.


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