Mercedes Schneider on “Choice” and Devos

Very well written and (to me) factual.

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  1. The idea that education is a free market enterprise when one needs a large educated population is madness. Of course, so is the idea that one can run a good health insurance program as a free market.

    One gets the feeling the education “reformers” (wreckers?) in the USA are ideologically mad. Come to think of it, they seem to have merged extreme right-wing fundamentalism with a firm believe in a Friedman economic world and are completely resistant to any facts or evidence or logic.

    Oh well, the destruction of the US education system looks like a good opportunity for the rest of us. I have thought that the “Russian-Trump” imbroglio is overrated. It might be better to see if China or India are influencing the “Reform” leaders who are influencing the Orange Idiot.

    I am saying this jokingly but even taking just a medium-term view, say 20 to 25 years, destroying the US education system would give a country like China, and most of the rest of the First & Second World countries, a tremendous competitive edge.

    And did you notice that the President of France is offering asylum to US scientists?

    With Trump planning to gut most of the Federal funding agencies, I could see a lot of young researchers in the USA starting to consider the offer, especially foreign-born ones.


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