Panama Canal History

Cheeto45 is so ignorant that he didn’t realize that:
(A) the original Panama Canal was built (by the US government) over 100 years ago;
(B) the new, larger, faster, and more-water-efficient Panama Canal locks were built by the Panamanian government and opened almost exactly one year ago (See link) doubling the size of Panamax — the capacity of the largest ship that can get thru the waterway.
Of course, neither Cheeto45 nor his Nazi-loving, racist KKK dad had anything to do with any of this construction.
PS: reportedly, the reason that the Drumpf organization was able to build a lot of buildings in NYC without the problems that faced other builders is that the Drumpsters had no problem with making large, hidden, payoffs to the Mafia for labor and legal peace.

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  1. Another reason why the Kremlin’s Agent Orange built so many buildings in NYC was help from almost $1-billion in government (corporate welfare) subsidies that the malignant narcissist in the White House pissed on when he filed bankruptcies that caused billions in losses to U.S. Banks and contractors – those workers he refused to pay.


  2. “Drumpsters had no problem with making large, hidden, payoffs to the Mafia for labor and legal peace.”

    Oh, why does this sound strange?

    A co-worker (Canadian) said no American would believe her cost figures since she had not included the overhead for bribes in New York City.


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