Chriropractic really is BS

I’ve always been skeptical of the practice of chiropractic, even though I’ve used a few for actual back pain. Some seemed to me to be out-and-out money-grubbing frauds, some not. But I had no idea how completely bogus was the origin of the the field in the first place. (Spoiler alert: it involved séances. You know, darkened rooms, ouija boards, spirits of dead doctors giving advice….) For details, read this article:

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  1. Once on an airline flight I sat behind two chiropractors. Their conversation deeply irritated me. The older of the two explained to the younger how he should extend his influence over his patients beyond their initial problems. “You have to keep them coming back for more,” he explained. Although I have some reservations about osteopaths, years ago one helped me with a neck problem. When I mentioned my reservations later to a medical doctor, he told me that osteopaths were able to assist with problems medical doctors could not address.


  2. Have a look at for the standard of “research” supporting chiropractic.


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