Who’s Biased? Everybody — including those who pretend to be objective

Steven Singer has one of his usual excellent columns today, about the question of bias, especially regarding education.

Newspapers and think-tanks are generally owned by very powerful and wealthy individuals or corporations, and they definitely have a bias.

Like Steven, I sent my kids to DC public schools. My wife and I have each attended public schools in and around DC and have both taught for decades in DCPS. To my daughter’s great chagrin, I even taught math at her high school for a while. I was also lucky enough to be able to attend a couple of private schools, too, but I can see how their elitism really isn’t so wonderful for society as a whole. So I have a bias, in favor of public education.

Also like Steven, I worked on a small-town daily newspaper in north-eastern Vermont, and while my stint as a reporter ended about 45 years ago, I still recall instances where the editor would reword my stories (cutting out parts I thought were most important), or tell me what the Lede should be at a speech both he and I attended. So, definitely, news media corporations have biases. However, unlike those trashy supermarket tabloids or insane radio ranters like Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones, newspapers like the New York Times or the Washington Post don’t just make it all up. (And unlike our current ‘president’.)

Singer’s main point is that we are all biased. But to say that a public school teacher, staff member, or parent is biased against the public good is nuts. To say that billionaire monopolists like the Walton or Koch family foundations are better stewards of the public good than the rest of us, is likewise insane. It’s kinda like saying the wolf in Grandma’s bed really cares about Little Red Riding Hood (except as lunch).

Here’s the link. 


PS: None of us are perfect, especially not me. I wrote “Paul” for Steven Singer’s first name because of some brain fart.

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