Polluters and Billionaire Firms Secretly Meeting With Cheeto Administration Officials to Undo Regulations that Protect Us and Might Cost Them Money

forget what Lincoln wrote. What Cheeto is doing, in secret, is to enact the agenda of the Koch and Walton families, so that government by the lobbyists, for the billionaires, over the rest of us, will be brought forth on this continent as it is in Russia and many other places, in secret, and without any public scrutiny.

Because the Koch brothers know damn well that if people actually understood their agenda, most of us would actively oppose it.

This article in the NYT will unfortunately be ignored, even though it details many of the steps that profiteering polluters and exploiters are taking, without any public input, to undo environmental or labor regulations that have been enacted. It’s long, but worth reading and passing along.

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  1. Unless they are not human, and I suspect they are not, in a decade or two nothing anyone does will be able stop what is coming in a century or so. I just finished reading recent discoveries about the Tundra and what is happening in Antartica in NGM, and the environment humans need to survive is on a countdown. The clock is ticking and it’s ticking faster all the time with the hands on the clock starting to spin into a blur.

    This is not a theory anymore. It is an observative, measurable event in real time.

    If the release of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere continues to increase, we won’t even have the air to breathe we need to survive on this planet. Food, what food. Unless it’s grown in a sealed, insulated, greenhouse environment, there will be no food. Imagine the number of underground greenhouses it will take to grow food for even 1-billion people let alone 8-billion or more.

    The environment will become inhospitable to most forms of life on the earth today and the oceans could eventually rise more than 200 feet from where sea level is now.

    And if the Billionaires, if they are human, think all they have to do is build underground shelters to survive because they have the money to do it, they are welcome to living inside an underground box. A concrete box is a box no matter how large it is. And all that will give them is maybe a few more decades or even a generation or two before even that ends. But first, they have to survive all the riots, revolutions, civil wars and global conflict that will come with the droughts, extreme weather conditions, crop losses, rising sea levels, etc.

    The 8-billion on Earth today are not going to go quietly into extinction. Some will but many won’t.


  2. Forgive me for asking this question in the wrong place, but I couldn’t find a way to contact you separately. I’m curious if you saw this article and what your reaction is to the last paragraph:



    • One major reason is that many students simply do not see the point in trying to attend college. They probably know of relatives or friends who have begun college, racked up insane amounts of debt, and if they had enough ‘grit’ or whatever to finish a degree, are still working at a job in some service industry (eg, retail or hospitality) that doesn’t even require that degree at all. So, their very reasonable reaction is, ‘Why bother?’ The students and parents who DO buy into the system probably do transfer into certain LAUSD schools and charter schools, and the ones who don’t, don’t.
      And who can really blame them?


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