China Has a Major Education Problem for its Poor and Rural Population

Here in the US, most people think of Chinese students as being uniformly hard-working and awesomely brilliant, especially in science, technology, engineering and math. However, that is because the ones who make it here are the very best students China has to offer. As an article in Science points out,

“…only one-quarter of China’s children grow up in the relatively prosperous cities. Rural moms have high hopes for their children; Rozelle’s surveys have found that 75% say they want their newborns to go to college, and 17% hope their child gets a Ph.D. The statistics belie those hopes: Just 24% of China’s working population completes high school.”

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  1. Yep, most rural children drop out before or when they finish 6th grade. Then they return to the farm where they pay no rent or mortgage or property tax. Then they work their half-acre farm (the farmland was divided equally among the many peasants at the end of China’s long civil war) that they can’t sell or borrow from because it is owned jointly by the rural farmers and the government.

    Who needs school when you have a home with no rent, no mortgage and no property tax to worry about and if your families half acre farm can’t produce enough food to support the family, China will provide packages of instant ramen so they won’t starve.

    Imagine eating ramen three times a day every day.


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