You’re So DC….

This week’s DC City Paper had the results of a contest for the best way to finish that sentence. Which gave me an idea: I could make up my own silly and pointless game, where you get points for having done various things relating to Warshindin Dee Cee…

Keep an honest total!

1. If you were BORN in DC, you get 20 points

2. If you were born inside the DC beltway, but not in DC, you get 4 points

3. If you weren’t born in either DC, MD, or VA, you lose 11 points

4. For each year that you attended a public school or a charter school in DC, you get 3 points

5. For each year you attended private school in DC, you get 2 points

6. For each semester of college or university in DC, full or part time, you get 1 point

7. For each year that you lived in Anacostia, you get 4 points

8. For each year you lived west of Rock Creek Park, you get 2 points

8. Oops: for each year that you lived between Rock Creek and The Anacostia River, you earn 3 points

9. For each summer you worked in the DC summer youth employment program (pre or post Marion Barry), you get 3 points

10. If your family moved out of DC to avoid living in an integrated neighborhood, you lose 10 points

11. But if you moved back into DC, you gain 7 points

12. For each year that you worked in DCPS or any hospital, you get 2 points

13. If you’ve ever been robbed, beaten up, or burglarized in DC, you get 4 points per event

14. If you’ve ever robbed, beaten up, or burglarized anybody in DC, then you only get 2 points per event

15. You get 2 points, per location, for knowing how to get to the following places **without** using GPS or a map: NRL; Children’s Hospital; Blue Plains; Barry Farms; St Elizabeth’s; Eastover; miniature golf course in East Potomac Park; Shrimp Boat; Aquatic Gardens; Arboretum; Howard University’s Crampton Auditorium; and Dumbarton Oaks’ pre-Colombian museum.

16. If your DCPS Elementary, Junior High, or Senior High School got closed or turned into a charter school, you get 7 points

17. If you TAUGHT at a DC school (of any sort) that you attended, you earn 11 points

18. For each of your parents who taught in DCPS you earn 8 points

19. For each year that YOU lived in DC, you get 1&1/2 points

20. If you live(d) in the suburbs but work(ed) in DC, you get 1 point. Not per year. Total.

21. If you live(d) in the Md-Va suburbs but told people you were “from DC”, you lose 3 points for every time you said that.

22. For each person on your block whose full name you know, you get 2 points. If they are a different racial group from you, double that.

23. For each house on your block whose home you’ve visited, you get two points. (Realtors’ Open Houses don’t count) Again, count double if they are a different racial group

24. For each generation of your family that reside/s/d in DC, you get 7 points

25. Give yourself 9 points for every march or protest in DC that you’ve attended or organized.

How’d you do?

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  1. I count a bit over 500 points. I had a hard time counting how many marches or protests…


  2. How much do you get if you live in California and have never been to DC?


  3. I guess I left out “never visited”. Well, if you pay US Federal taxes of any sort (income, FICA, Medicare) you should get 10.99 points.


  4. -2000 points and really happy about it.


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