Miraculous “STEM-Robotics” Newark Charter School closes LESS THAN TWO MONTHS after ribbon-cutting by Governor Christie

Yes, you read that correctly. The METS charter school opened to great fanfare in late summer (August 29, 2017) and yesterday, October 19, same year, the school’s interim (ie substitute ) principal announced they are kicking out ALL of their 9th and 10th graders effective NOW.

Uh, that’s less than two months, right?

At the ribbon cutting, Gov Chris Christie as usual denounced public education in his state (which he is the boss of) and said that only privately-run charter schools (run by some of his friends, some of whom profit very nicely from their posts, could do the job.

So after a mere 7 or 8 weeks of school, the school admin says, “my bad. Actually, we have no idea how to run a school. We are much worse at it even than the Newark public school system that we’ve been badmouthing for so long.”

Quite an admission. I’m sure the entire MSM from wapo & nut to CNN or fox or msnbc and the trump and Christie administrations are sure to point out and acknowledge this massive failure, right?

Sure. And I’m the king of France and Spain.

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