Training to be a Professional? We don’t need no stinkin’ training!

First we had Teach for America, which sends 20-somethings with no training to speak of out to the most impoverished communities as teachers.

(Right. We all know that it’s much better that the poor and brown kids who really do need trained and experienced education professionals, are instead saddled with an ever-churning roster of completely inexperienced newbies who are blindly trying to follow a script, at least until they crash, burn, and quit.

(Look on the bright side: each TFA noobie placed in a school district earns TFA many thousands of dollars!)

If you like TFA, then you will loveProfessionals for America“, where they extend this idea to the medical profession, airline pilots, and much more!

What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. This is history repeating itself. Under Mao during his cultural revolution, anyone could become a doctor, a surgeon, even illiterate peasants. All they needed was the desire and a brief film to show them how to do brain surgery or heart surgery or …

    Thus was born what’s was known as the barefoot doctors. They also were taught about the importance of teaching hundreds of millions of illiterate Chinese peasants hygiene.

    That hygiene, by itself – forget about all the thousands or millions that died on the operating tables at the untrained hands of unprofessional barefoot doctors – almost doubled the average lifespan in China by the time Mao died.

    TFA is going back in time to an era when anyone could be anything without the proper education and/or training.


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