“Rigorous” curriculum requirements at regular DC High School — a rousing sign of Reformer Success (Not)

You may have heard that under Chancellors Rhee, Henderson and Wilson, everything is now wonderful and getting better in DC’s public schools. Graduation rates are supposedly up and so are test scores.

But a lot of this “progress” looks less and less promising when you look carefully. And that’s what WAMU’s reporters have done in the case of FC’s Frank Ballou High School, which won plaudits for not only graduating its entire senior class, but had every single senior accepted into college.

Sounds great, right?

Not so fast.

At Ballou, as at almost all other DCPS “comprehensive” (ie neighborhood, non-selective) High Schools, the bar that students must get over isn’t very high: they have to a carbon-based life form, they need also to have a pulse, and they need to be a member of the species Homo sapiens. And that’s not all!

There is more!

At some point the student must have been officially enrolled at the school!!

No requirement that they actually attend their classes, or do any assignments whatsoever or even take any tests.

BUT — and this is very important: come June, they must be one year older than they were during the previous June.

Man, that’s rigor. And wow betide any teacher who wants to flunk a student for not attending classes or doing any work in class or even taking any quizzes or exams. That’s a firing offense.

Don’t believe me? Read the article:


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  1. All sorts of ways to destroy public education…not to mention making hard lives even harder. It’s going to be interesting to see how Mr. Wilson handles this. It can’t be what he means about all students feeling loved, but I think it is what OSSE wants with its push for “competency-based learning,” which it has convinced the SBOE to take a second swing at with the so-called “High School Graduation Requirements Task Force.”
    It is so, so insulting to the intelligence of DC youth, and their parents, to be defrauded of their rightful education the way that is portrayed at Ballou in the article!


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