Who is “white” (and ‘good’) according to racists & Nazis changes over time

A little history lesson here: today, there are lots of neo Nazis in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Hungary. But if you recall anything at all about Hitler, the NSDAP, and World War 2, surely you know that the raison d’être of the German Nazi régime was precisely to render their supposedly Slavic neighbors into slaves, exterminating most of them them along with all the Jews, Gypsies and all leftists.

I found in the first few sections of Mein Kampf (which was all I could stand to read, since it was so disgusting) Hitler expressing how much he hated Hungarians and Czechs or Slovaks because they dared to think they were his equal — which he found appalling. While Hitler was eager to try to make alliances with Arabs, urging them to help exterminate Jews, in fact both Arabs and Jews are literally cousins, speaking closely related (or the same) languages. And I’ll be damned if I could pick a German, a Russian, a Pole, a Hungarian, or a Czech out of a lineup of identically dressed people. (Or for that matter, from most of the Ashkenzi Jewish kibbutz members at Ein Hamifratz where I lived and worked back in the early 1970s.)

As we all know, the Nazi goal of mass slavery and genocide was ultimately defeated, at great cost in lives and material.

Here in the USA, back in the 1920s, the main goal of the second incarnation KKK was mostly to try to persecute Italian, Irish and anybody else from eastern or Southern Europe who wasn’t a “white Anglo Saxon Protestant”, in addition to their usual anti-Black, anti- Semitic, attitudes. Oh, and promoting dispossession and Genocide of Native American Indians.

(Another historical aside: probably the most shameful genocide in American history was carried out in California by ’49ers against the First Nation tribes there… and let us also recall that German Nazis always acknowledged the great theoretical debt they owed to Americans like Henry Ford and large numbers of eugenicists and racist Jim Crow laws here…)

Nowadays, today’s newly emboldened racists continue to apologize for Hitler’s mass murders, but the supposedly “fixed”, “immutable” racial categories have seemingly changed — at least in their twisted, evil minds. Folks whose ancestors come from Ireland, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and pretty much anywhere in Europe are now welcome into their nasty movement. And among American evangelical Christians, whose ancestors used to be the core of the KKK, Jews and Zionists (ie Israelis) have gone from devils to essential forerunners of the Second Coming. And Arabs are now despised. Unless they are fabulously, obscenely wealthy individuals or tyrants…

It’s hard to keep track of which group is the chosen people any more. Which shows, once again, how completely full of shit today’s (and yesterday’s) racists are and always have been.

If you recall all the mixed-race but un-acknowledged offspring of America’s plantation owners, and you’ll note that those SOBs held and sold their OWN sons and daughters as slaves. Similar things happened in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, along with mass genocide (because, Gold). Which means that you don’t have to go back very many generations with a careful genealogist to find out that just about all of us Americans are in fact cousins of some degree or other.


Note: I just had to correct a bunch of goofy auto-corrections.

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  1. The whole idea of race was just a smokescreen for “different” and “able to be taken advantage of or favor.” It wasn’t that long ago that the immigration records of this country listed “Irish” as a race, as well as “Polish” and “Northern Italian” and “Southern Italian.” It was a catchall phrase for any group one wished to single out for special treatment. Hitler’s confusion regarding Arabs and Jews wasn’t an outlier, it was the norm. I remember seeing, in my lifetime, a Life magazine spread on how to tell the difference between the Chinese race (our allies in WW2) and the Japanese race (our enemy). The language used was loaded with antipathy toward the Japanese, using words like “cruel” to describe their facial structures, for example and if memory serves.


    • Absolutely right. Racism as we know it is a relatively modern invention, a way of dividing and ruling. It was the main method that relatively small numbers of European imperialists were able to exert rule over such large areas of the world. Lerone Bennett has shown how anti-black racism was invented and made more and more pervasive in the English colonies in North America and later the United States in the Road Not Taken, which you can read here:


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