The Future Is Scary

On this tiny planet of ours, we humans can pretty much only survive on a small fraction of it. Forget the polar regions, the high mountains, the oceans, and the deserts.

And forget finding some other planet. They are way too far away to ever visit, and all the ones we’ve explored with telescopes or satellites so far are various forms of totally uninhabitable HELL.

If we fuck up the nice parts of planet Earth — which is precisely what Trump’s proposed deregulations will accomplish in the service of Big Capital$$$ — we are absolutely screwed, as a species.

There is no plan B.

Published in: on January 30, 2018 at 11:26 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. Plan B would be Bernie Sanders!


  2. Plan B might have been revealed through Andy Weir’s 2nd book “Artemis” — about a future Moon colony.


  3. I sure am glad you became a positivist! Otherwise …

    There is always a Plan B (C, too.) Currently ours is torches and pitchforks or the modern equivalents.

    (I didn’t say the plans were very good.)


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