Baltimore Police Corruption Testimony

Amazing. (Link here)

“Over the past four years, some members of the Gun Trace Task Force stole more than $300,000, at least three kilos of cocaine, 43 pounds of marijuana, 800 grams of heroin and hundreds of thousands of dollars in watched from suspected drug dealers and civilians, according to officers’ plea agreements and statements in federal court.” (…)

“As they went rogue, the same officers took home hundreds of thousands of dollars in unearthed overtime pay from a city struggling to pay its teachers.”

And people wonder why many don’t trust police.

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  1. The public police are also under attack by the same forces that are attacking public school teachers and teachers’ unions. For instance, the Koch brothers and their ALEC and all of the other propaganda organizations they have paid for and launched to mislead people.

    If we think public police corruption is bad, wait until the public sector is gone and all that’s left is corporations without any powerful central government to hold them accountable for their greed and abuse of the rest of us.

    No more CDC

    No more EPA

    No more U.S. Constitution

    No more legal system guided by that Constitution

    No more choice when it comes to elections for Congress and state legislators.

    No more laws to protect people from con-men and frauds like the serial-liar in chief living in the people’s White House.

    No more protection for freedom of speech

    No more health care unless you have the money to pay for it


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