Just How Much Success Has There Been With the Reformista Drive to Improve Scores Over the Past 20 Years?

I recently attended the rollout of the most recent scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress for the USA, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and a number of urban districts around the country.

The speakers tried to put a brave face on it, but in fact, the emphasis on test scores and privatizing education has been a complete and utter failure.

Don’t believe me? Look at the scores and the graphs for yourself. I will publish them as I get them done, one at a time.

I first present the progress, or lack of it, for black students in the nation, in other large cities, in Washington DC as a whole, and in the DC public school system (not counting the charters).

On this test, a student’s scale score can go from a low of zero to a maximum of 500, so that’s how I’m scaling the numbers on the y-axis. If you see any appreciable progress for black students, either nationally or in Washington DC, then you have a much livelier imagination than I do. Most people would say these scores have ‘flat-lined’.

In the center of the graph is a green, vertical, dashed line. It shows when the old DCPS school board was abolished and the office of the mayor took direct of the control, with chancellors Rhee, Henderson, and Wilson (so far). If you see more improvement after mayoral control than before, then I wonder what sort of hallucinogens you are taking.

2017 Data, esp NAEP -2

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  1. A suggestion. Show a 2nd graph that reveals the scores from the beginning of NAEP to the birth of the corporate/profit greed driven reform (privatization/voucher) movement to replace community-based, democratic, transparent, non-profit, unionized public education.

    I remember seeing those charts in Diane Ravitch’s book “Reign of Error” and they revealed a steady, slow improvement for about thirty years before the corrupt, fraudulent, lying, often racist autocrats (mostly old white billionaires) stepped in to destroy the public schools and flatline the NAEP for the last 20+ years.


  2. So this is what flat looks like!
    Thanks so much for mapping it all out for us Guy–I’m really looking forward to your series and especially appreciate your efforts to differentiate between DCPS and charter schools as so many people seem to no longer recognize that they are not the same and can only be seen as the same to the detriment of each.


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