Why are the oligarchs attacking public education?

Steve Ruis has been explaining why: it is a direct attack by the oligarchs on the lower 80% of the US population to make them accept a world where they have no power, no stable life, no decent healthcare, no good schools for their kids* nor anything else that folks OUGHT to enjoy in the most powerful and wealthiest nation in the history of the entire planet.

In order that the Walton family (and a few others – the top 1%) can have a life style more opulent than any king, rajah, or emperor at any time in the history of the world, with mansions, yachts, private jets and so on.

*these inferior schools are ones where the kids don’t learn to question authority, don’t go on field trips, don’t have well-trained and experienced teachers, and at all times have their eyes trained on the teacher, respond in unison, and so on. In other words KIPP: Kids In Prison Program, some of the kids and teachers there call it.

Exactly the kind of totalitarian education for serfdom that Americans used to rail against.

Here are some of Steven’s recent posts:




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  1. I must say Steve Ruis make cheerful reading for a Monday morning.

    What amazes me is that the US oligarchs seem so amazingly short-sighted. If one is willing to invest in capital projects why not in human capital as well?

    Much of the US’s prosperity in the last 50 or so years has had a technological base. Silicon Valley is not a hive of basket weavers. Yet the current thrust by the oligarchs seems to be, as you say, to create “kind of totalitarian education for serfdom”.

    It appears that the “brain trust” in the USA (academics anyway) is heavily from foreign countries.

    NSF data reveal that in 2006, the foreign student population earned approximately 36.2% of the
    doctorate degrees in the sciences and approximately 63.6% of the doctorate degrees in

    At the moment, under the masterful leadership of President Trump, there seems to be a stampede of foreign-born scientists and engineers to the borders as they can get a good or better offers from academic institutions and companies in their home or other countries. I understand we have done quite well out of this here in Canada.

    Where are the native-born replacements coming from? Come to think of it, there are probably a good number of native-borns stampeding as well.

    If you under-educate the majority of the people, you have just lost future entrepreneurs, middle management(such of it as is left), probably a lot of your medical staff and so on.

    As I have mentioned before, countries such as China or India or Singapore (France?) must be watching this in disbelief and delight. Nothing like having a main competitor shooting themself in the foot.

    I don’t think the ancien régime in France was this crazy.


  2. Oops that block quote did not close.


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