What Good Does Standardized Testing Do?

Perhaps it has no real positive use at all, argue two writers. I used to score really high on these this sort of test. But I eventually learned some of the inhuman uses to which they have been put (eg eugenics, “scientific” racism, mass murder, racial segregation and imperialism. I am also grimly aware that there are many personal traits* that I am really bad at. Those traits are ones which no standardized test can possibly hope to measure — Briggs-Meyers be damned. In fact B-M is pseudoscience, just like Freudian psychoanalysis, rohrschach tests, horoscopes, auras, or Dianetics.

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If You Could Make ONE change….

* my personal failings and weaknesses are my own and I don’t feel like sharing them with you, dear reader.

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  1. Briggs-Meyers be damned.
    Hey the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is great. With it you can tell anyone just about anything and the sucker client will believe you.

    And I say this as a firm believer in same standardized tests when they are used properly.

    The US National Research Council did an evaluation of all kinds of “personality” tests in the late 1980 or in the 1990’s. To paraphrase their conclusions, the MBTI was the one test that most or all people remembered and liked. It appeared totally useless.

    The problem is that standardized test have very specific niche uses. Letting them loose in the general population guarantees misuse.

    All the “Big Standardized Tests” used in US schools seem to be a) of dubious reliability and validity (that’s pscyh speak for “complete crap”) and b) appear to being used in unethical manners.

    The US educational system has been using them in a totally irresponsible manner. Combined with VAT principles you have a complete cesspool of incompetence and corruption.


  2. In fact B-M [sic ]is pseudoscience, just like Freudian psychoanalysis

    But, but, the MBTI is based on Jungian theory. Of course Jung was an even crazier fraud and quack than Freud and that is a high standard to match.


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