More Scandals Define DCPS ‘Reform’ Leadership

Not in my wildest dreams could I make this stuff up about how completely incompetent and criminal is the leadership of DC Public Schools. But these incidents are all reported in today’s Washington Post.

1. The flagship DC high school for the performing arts, Duke Ellington, was found to have fraudulently given about 30% of its highly-coveted student slots to kids whose families neither lived in DC nor paid out-of-state tuition. Those fraudulent slots of course meant that hundreds of talented DC students were rejected. (Part of the reason for Ellington leaders getting away with this is the overlapping public and private leadership of the school, allowing them to report much less detail to any central authority. Similar to the situation in charter schools here and elsewhere.)

2. Somebody has fraudulently erased the records of unexcused first-semester absences for a bunch of students at Roosevelt SHS so they would be eligible to graduate. These students had been absent so much that they had received Fs. However, their records now indicate that they had ZERO absences in the first quarter. Teachers reported the erasures but are afraid of reprisals.

3. Same article: Only 29% of Roosevelt’s seniors are on track to graduate *next month*; and “Nearly 38% of students who started at Roosevelt as freshmen in 2014 and were considered part of the Class of 2018 have withdrawn from the school.” So that means about 62% remain. And 29% of 62% is not much: my calculator says that’s about 18% [EIGHTEEN PERCENT!!!] of the Roosevelt Rough Rider class of 2018 is on track to graduate from that school with their peers.

Such “success” defines the leadership of DCPS for the past 11 years: made-up numbers, erasing data that makes them look bad (anybody remember Wayne Ryan and Noyes ES?), and sheer incompetence at educating the hard-to-reach.

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  1. Such “success” defines the Republican Party since Nixon.


    • Actrually, destroying public education has been completely bipartisan. It is hard to say that the Trump administration has been any worse than Obama’s.


  2. Well, criminal and incompetent prehaps, but look at the national role models.


  3. […] Now, G.F. Brandenburg says that the scandals continue. […]


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