The A$$hole Lawyer who doesn’t like it when folks talk in Spanish

When his ancestors* sailed here from Europe some generations ago, (*at least some of them Jewish with a name like Schlossberg) — chances are very good that they were regarded as inferior, ignorant, and unskilled by the anti-Semitic, racist, and pro-eugenics elite of the US at the time. The Army Alpha Test “proved” that Jewish immigrants were almost as stupid as Mexicans and Negroes (look it up).

Chances are, those of his ancestors who were born in the Pale of Settlement (look it up) spoke Yiddish, Russian, Polish, and/regular German, but hardly any English.

If he has Italian or Irish ancestors, most of those statements would still apply to them as well … that man

Emigrating to America from the shithole that was Eastern or Southern Europe was for many such folks the dream of a lifetime. Those who made it had to through a lot of grief — often renting themselves out for so many years, and finding themselves severely exploited and looked down upon.

It’s so sad that a portion of the current generation of American Jews have gone so far over to the far right, won over primarily by anti-Muslim racism.

Their grand- or Great-grandparents, many of whom were very far left wing and militant, would be spinning in their figurative graves — if such a thing were physically possible.

That applies to every single one of those groups: Jews, Irish, Italians; and even now to workers from Latin America and Africa.

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  1. Too true.


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