Surprise: GMOs *Reduce* rather than Increase crop yields

Monsanto has been touting genetically modified crops as the solution to world, claiming farmers would see huge increases in yields per acre of corn, soybeans, and other crops.

Such GMO crops often contain an artificially-inserted gene that makes the crops resistant to Roundup (aka glyphosate), allowing farmers to forego conventional plowing and tilling to remove weeds. Instead, they drench their fields with Roundup, supposedly killing all the weeds but allowing the GM crops to grow luxuriously.

But it doesn’t work.

First of all, yields of the GMO plants are about 10% LOWER than for conventional crops. (Link)

Second, many weeds actually grow better in no-till fields — which is of course worse for the farmer.

Third, the costs to the farmer are likely higher with the Monsanto trifecta of special patented seeds that the farmer may not (and cannot) reuse the next year, much higher use of Monsanto’s herbicides, and lower yields.

While I think that in theory, GMOs have real potential in agriculture and science, and are not a Crazy scary sci-fi monster, the way they are being touted by American agribusine$$ is apparently just a scam.

another link here

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