Why DT is Not a Good Leader

This is all from Ross Cohen on Quora:

“A good leader leads by example; Donald Trump fires people who follow his example.

A good leader takes responsibility for both his and his people’s actions; Donald Trump has never taken responsibility for anything in his life.

A good leader inspires loyalty and respect from his troops; Donald Trump’s troops badmouth him behind his back at every turn.

A good leader inspires with positivity; Donald Trump employs fear, hostility, and divisiveness.

A good leader is a good judge of character; 40% of Trump’s cabinet have had ethics scandals, with no fewer than 11 open ethics investigations on his EPA administrator alone.

A good leader demonstrates loyalty to his people; Donald Trump is loyal to no one, publicly attacking or firing the

moment someone displeases him.

A good leader empowers his people, delegating authority and supporting their decisions; Donald Trump routinely undercuts his people, criticizing, over-ruling, and publicly contradicting them.

A good leader praises in public and criticizes in private; Donald Trump savagely criticizes, publicly berates, and revels in their humiliation.

A good leader encourages cooperation and teamwork; Donald Trump foments rivalries and back-stabbing. His administration has been described as “a circular firing squad.”

A good leader listens to his team’s advice and makes them feel heard; Donald Trump is notorious for ignoring his team’s advice. His team leaks to the media just to get his attention and feel heard.

A good leader shares credit with his team; Donald Tump bristles at others sharing credit and fires those who dare to diminish his share of it.

A good leader values honest feedback; Donald Trump demands sycophancy and punishes truth-telling.

A good leader learns from his mistakes; Donald Trump makes the same mistakes again and again.

A good leader puts the country ahead of himself; Donald Trump is profiting off the presidency.

A good leader models strong work ethic for his employees; Donald Trump spends most mornings watching TV at home and has spent a third of his term at resorts, three times as many vacation days as his predecessor.

A good leader communicates his positions clearly; Donald Trump regularly contradicts his own statements seconds after making them.

President Eisenhower said, “The supreme quality of leadership is unquestionably integrity”; Donald Trump has told more than 3,000 documented lies since taking office, averaging about 6.5 public lies per day.

A good leader consults key stakeholders before announcing big decisions; Donald Trump typically blindsides his own staff and allies with major changes in policy.

A good leader is a reliable partner their allies can count on; Donald Trump constantly surprises and undercuts his own allies, even those carrying out his previous wishes.

A good leader has the humility to admit they aren’t perfect; Donald Trump is incapable of admitting fault.

A good leader has the humility to admit when they’re wrong; Donald Trump never admits when he’s wrong. Perhaps the only regret he admits is hiring Jeff Sessions.

A good leader plans well into the future, even sacrificing short term gains to do so; Donald Trump lives entirely for the short term and is utterly beholden to his whims, a slave to impulse and emotion.

A good leader hires in large part based on competence and integrity; Donald Trump hires based on nepotism and personal loyalty.

A good leader avoids setting up his subordinates for failure; Donald Trump tasked his inexperienced son-in-law with government reform, fixing the opioid crisis, criminal justice reform, Muslim outreach, diplomacy with Mexico, diplomacy with China…and Middle East peace.

A good leader holds themselves to a higher standard; Donald Trump explicitly holds himself to lower ethical standards than his employees have to, and brags about it.

A good leader is engaged, focused on the problem at hand; Donald Trump can’t stay on topic, his meetings and calls with staff and allies meander far afield from topic, he interrupts conversations to bring up his electoral vote or the Russia investigation, his intelligence briefers make heavy use of pictures and his name to keep his attention.

A good leader has the character to give close associates bad news personally; Donald Trump fires people via Tweet, via letter, via TV, or via delegate, never personally.

A good leader abhors and avoids yes-men; Donald Trump surrounds himself with them, basking in their fawning obsequiousness.

A good leader is in control of their emotions; Donald Trump is controlled by his emotions.

A good leader considers their words carefully; Donald Trump…is Donald Trump.

A good leader exhibits maturity and an ability to be the bigger person in difficult situations; Donald Trump is never the bigger person (figuratively speaking).

A good leader brings out the best in people; Donald Trump brings out the worst.

A good leader wants the best for his people; Donald Trump damages the futures of all who work for him.

A good leader treats people with respect; Donald Trump insults people’s wives, parents, appearance, etc.

A good leader adapts well to new information; Donald Trump resists it, ignoring inconvenient facts, findings, data, developments, etc.

A good leader does not have their mental fitness questioned; Donald Trump’s has been called into serious question by dozens of mental health professionals.

A good leader leaves the bragging about their personal qualities to others most of the time; Donald Trump calls himself the best everything and a “stable genius”.

A good leader lets his doctor speak truthfully on his behalf; Donald Trump dictated his own medical report.

A good leader’s lawyer does not need to pronounce he can’t be indicted;

Donald Trump’s lawyer just did.

A good leader’s speeches to civic groups are never a bad idea; Donald Trump’s led to an apology from the Boy Scouts for inviting him.

A good leader’s publicly stated policy positions are not reversed lightly; Donald Trump’s positions are often reversed within days or hours.

A good leader has few run-ins with the law, if any; Donald Trump has had many.

A good leader has few criminal associates; Donald Trump has many.

A good leader has no mob connections; Donald Trump has quite a few.

A good leader has no need to praise murderous dictators; Donald Trump praises basically all of them.

We could do this all day…

Suffice to say, the distance between Donald Trump and admirable leadership is astronomical.”

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