The Only Good Nazi?

Is a dead Nazi.

That was settled in 1945. That was over 70 years ago.

And the only good Kluxer?

A dead Kluxer.

There are some former Nazis and KKK members who have renounced their racist,murderous ways.

But active ones?

Even putting them in prison isn’t enough because the intensely racist nature of American prisons gives them opportunities to twist other prisoners’ minds and enlist them into Aryan (ie Nazi) gangs as well.

So, the only good Nazi?

A dead one.

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  1. I’ve been thinking along those lines for some time but … extended to everyone that continues to support tRump.


    • I have to part ways from you on that. They aren’t all racist, murderous thugs.


      • True, “They are not all racist, murders thugs” … but by supporting Trump, they are complicit, making them guilty too.


  2. You do know that the original variation of that saying was “The only good Injun [sic] is a dead Injun”, right? I hope you’re horrified by that. You should also be horrified that you are saying essentially the same thing. No matter how evil someone is, you shouldn’t be wishing death on them. Be the better person.


    • Of course I know that saying, and of course I disapprove of racial genocide; that’s why I am against Nazis.

      There is one big difference between a Nazi and an Indian: you can’t choose your parents, so you can’t choose what racial or ethnic group you belong to.

      But you have to CHOOSE to be a Nazi. In today’s world that means a Nazi has chosen to approve of racial genocide, and intends to carry out the same thing as soon as they are able to.

      That’s why I say they deserve the death sentence. Unless they CHOOSE to leave the group and work against everything they once stood for.


      • Wow. The death penalty for an opinion or political association. And that doesn’t give you the chills? And you’re a teacher? Whatever happened to “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it?”


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