Interesting: How the Great Recession Should Have Been Handled

In brief: instead of bailing out the banks (and their billionaire stock- and bond-holders) and their CEOs, bail out the poor folks who got stuck with all those fraudulent and impossible-to-pay mortgages and student loans.

Here is the link.

(This erasing of bad debts is by the way precisely the wording of the last lines of the Lord’s Prayer! It’s not “trespasses” in Greek, Latin, or Aramaic: it’s “debts” that are supposed to be forgiven!)

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  1. 8 years of Obama. Yes, he did inherit a really poor economy after 8 yrs of the previous administration, but he played his hand and bet on Wall Street and Big business instead of the 99%. The only people who got Hope and Change were people holding the aces….the rest of us 99% got nothing but a lousy campaign slogan.

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    • Yup. That’s why so many folks fell for an out-and-out grifter like MangoMussolini.


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