The “Secrets” Behind Moskowitz’ ‘Success Academy’

It’s very simple: expel all of the students except those who are EXTREMELY compliant.

John Merrow has provided the SA disciplinary code, which is draconian in the extreme. The following are their LEVEL TWO infractions:

  • Failing to follow directions
  • Failing to complete work
  • Being off-task
  • Arriving late to school/class and/or violating school attendance policy
  • Violating the Dress Code
  • Being unprepared for class (which includes, but is not limited to, failing to bring a pencil, not completing homework, etc.)”

Level ONE infractions include :

“Slouching/failing to be in “Ready to Succeed” position (SPORT or Magic 5 position)

  • Calling out an answer
  • Chewing gum or bringing candy to school
  • Minor disrespectful behavior”

I taught 7th, 8th, and 9th graders for about 30 years. I think I could count on one hand the number of kids who never, ever violated any of those.

In fact I am quite sure I violated a good number of those myself — and I was generally a well-behaved kid and very engaged in school (except for a period of time when I was enrolled in a school in France, didn’t speak the language, and had no idea what was going on).

Let us also recall that regular public schools are these days, and more and more, explicitly forbidden to suspend kids for anything short of bloodshed. Which means that in a lot of regular, non-selective public schools (and also some of the non-selective charter schools as well) teachers have an almost impossible job: unmotivated students can and do come to class late or not at all, not supplied with pencil, pen, paper, or notebook, and can be almost 100% depended on to NOT have done any homework.

If a teacher should attempt to enforce disciplinary rules as exist under Moskowitz at any regular DC public school (or at non-selective charter schools like Cesar Chavez) the administrators will simply laugh and send the student right back to class. In fact, the administrator might even berate the teacher right in front of the class!!

Parochial schools of yore were never quite so strict!

Clearly, any family that sees that list of rules, and who knows that their child tends to be active, to call out answers, to get out of their seat without permission, to protest if they perceive unfairness (real or otherwise), is probably going to think that this is not the school for them.

And a few rounds of having to take off work for days at a time to try to get their child back into class is probably going to convince them to withdraw their child.

Only the most compliant and passive kids remain. All the others are long gone.

How on earth can Moskowitz claim that she has some secret sauce? How dare she?

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