PISA International Test Results Are Rigged

If you read the article, you see how the international student tests known as PISA are rigged. It’s rather simple: the high-scoring countries choose their wealthiest cities; in those cities, they choose the highest-performing schools; and at those schools they don’t let the low-performing students take the test.

In this way, Washington, DC could be the highest scoring “state” in the USA if it only allowed the highest-scoring kids from, say, Janney, Murch, Deal, Walls, BASIS, St Albans and Sidwell participate. Easy-peasy!

The Chinese government could give lessons to Cheeto45 on how to obfuscate and lie.

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  1. I do not think Cheeto45 is capable of learning anything from anyone.

    Even if justice and truth prevail and the Orange45 is impeached, found guilty of high crimes and treason, and he ends up locked in a padded cell wearing a straight jacket, he would still be shouting that he is a stable genius, the healthiest president the US has ever had, and that he is the greatest leader of a country the world has ever had.


  2. One problem with you argument… Canada


    • Sorry

      I need to read my post before sending.

      I should have written. One problem with your argument…. Canada


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