Trump Supporters Finally Disbelieving?

I hope so. Here is a quote from a thread on Quora:

Trump supporters are willfully blind to his many failings, including his innumerable lies. However, I have noticed a turn among a couple of once very ardent Trump supporters. Instead of dismissing or trying to excuse Trump’s behavior – or even admit outright that they made a mistake voting for him – they now have said to me, “It doesn’t matter what we want; they’re going to do what they want, anyway”. If that level of disappointment and disillusionment spreads enough, those voters just might stay home at the next election. If they realize and admit – even just to themselves – that Trump and the Republicans have only helped the wealthy and have done nothing to help them (the working class), they are also very likely to believe that their vote is of no moment and drop political altogether. The realization that your vote has harmed your family and yourself is a hard pill to swallow, and it can make you feel so helpless that you will no longer participate. I hope that more of them wake up to this fact. A lot of damage had to be done before the ones I know did wake up.

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  1. Sadly most of these people continue to follow FOX and the corresponding (even worse) reactionary radio outlets. They will pick up the “socialism”, “taking your money”, “welfare cheats”, “budget-busting” and other such nonsensical responses to necessary initiatives and still vote for these manipulators as “the lesser of evils.”


  2. It isn’t easy to wake up and realize you are the deplorable ignorant fool everyone else has been saying Trump’s supporters are.

    That is a bitter pill to swallow. Too bad that pill doesn’t have arsenic in it.


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