Latest Nasty Telemarketing Gimmick: Spoofing YOUR OWN TELEPHONE NUMBER

This is awful.

Today I have gotten THREE spoofing phone calls that are supposedly coming from my own cell phone. Which is physically impossible, because it’s on my desk. Puzzled, I answered the call, and heard a robotic recording saying “This is Maureen from Microsoft. We have been trying to get in touch with you…” which is a standard bullshit scam.

Kind of like Trump University or the Devos family’s Amway pyramid scheme (aka MLM). Unfortunately, while this scam is even less legal than Amway, or Trump University, or ‘quantitative easing‘ (aka having central banks all over the world pouring billions and trillions of electronic money, for free, into financial firms such as Goldman Sachs or Deutsche Bank), it is also just as unlikely ever to be prosecuted.

I attach two screen shots of my own cell phone. (all junk calls). I fear this scam will happen to you as well. If it does, you will see YOUR OWN name, not mine,  on your spam call list. Not good.

It’s bad that the bad guys are getting away with this. (pun was one in ten did)


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