My JHS Classmate Takes on Mango Mussolini and the Venal, Liberal NYC Elite that Enabled Him and Roy Cohn

I happened to be a classmate, about 57 years ago, with Frank Rich, who went on to become an excellent writer and drama critic. In this article, Rich cites chapter and verse to show how the generally liberal media, and many New York City politicians, enabled the rise of our corrupt and pro-fascist current president, and his enabler and role model, the venal and mendacious Roy Cohn.

A couple of quotes:

“Exhibit A of the Times’ credulousness is the puffy feature that put him on the media map in 1976. “He is tall, lean and blond, with dazzling white teeth, and he looks ever so much like Robert Redford,” read the lead. At this early date, Trump had only proposed ambitious projects, not built them or closed any of the requisite deals, but the profile christened him “New York’s No. 1 real estate promoter of the mid-1970’s” nonetheless. The article accepted Trump’s word that he was of Swedish descent, “publicity shy,” ranked first in his class at Wharton, made millions in unspecified land deals in California, was worth $200 million, and with his father owned 22,000 apartment units. None of this was remotely true, but the sexy brew of hyperbole and outright fantasy, having been certified by the paper of record, set the tone for much that was to come.”


“It was a given under Rosenthal’s editorship that the Times would bring up none of this [the fact that Roy Cohn, a closeted gay man, died of AIDS – gfb] to protect the criminally hypocritical Cohn, who had threatened closeted gay government officials with exposure in the McCarthy era and loudly fought gay rights ever since. Meanwhile, the star Times columnist William Safire had joined William Buckley Jr. and Barbara Walters among the three dozen celebrated character witnesses opposing Cohn’s disbarment. Trump, however, had distanced himself from his dying mentor, for a while dropping him altogether. “I can’t believe he’s doing this to me,” Cohn said. “Donald pisses ice water.” With the help of a new young factotum, Roger Stone, Cohn’s last favor for Trump may have been securing his sister Maryanne Trump Barry a federal judgeship from the Reagan administration in 1983 despite her having received the tepid Bar Association rating of “qualified.””


It’s really juicy stuff, extremely well-written, and will convince nobody who’s not already aware of the frauds and crimes of our current president.

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  1. I’m glad I didn’t start to learn about Donald Trump until the run-up to the 2016 Presidential debates that I fact-checked as they were going on.

    Until then, I didn’t pay much attention to him. Wasn’t interested. It pays to have been born and lived in California all your life.

    The more I learn about DT before he became president, the more disgusting he becomes. DT’s performance as the president just makes his image worse, a lot worse.

    Before the debates were over in 2016, I learned this about DT (an acronym for a viral disease that will destroy civilization, the world, and the human race if he is allowed to have total control like he wants). DT is a con-man, a fraud, a cheat, a moral degenerate, a serial liar, a failed businessman, … Need I go on.

    During the debates I know I heard him brag at least once that he’d never had a bankruptcy. I fact checked that lie and discovered for the first time that he’d gone through six bankruptcies that cost banks and/or partners more than a billion dollars.

    And that happened after he’d been the benefactor of almost a billion dollars in corporate welfare from money the state and.or feds paid him to subsidize the growth of one of the biggest business failures of his life.

    And that was before he started laundering money for some Russians and also become a partner with a cocaine smuggler.

    The first I learned of about DT was when I read what all the authors that wrote biographies of him — before he ran for president — had to say about him. One of them even wrote an authorized bio, and he didn’t have anything positive to say either.

    Then I read about all of DT’s thousands of court cases in USA Today.

    And that was just the start. New Yorkers already knew who the real Donald Trump was because DT does everything he can to have the media spotlight on him as much as possible. That’s why New Yorkers know him so well.

    DT is the only president to lose the state he was born in and lived in.

    8 presidents have lost the state they were born in.

    4 presidents have lost the state they lived in at the time they were elected.

    Hillary Clinton won New York State in 2016 with 58.8-percent of the vote to DT’s 37.5-percent.

    In New York State, HC had more than 4.1 million votes to DT’s 2.64 million.


    • The question then becomes, what exactly is his secret for bamboozling and lying to people, yet all the while being successful in getting a portion of the people to believe his bald-faced lies?


      • There is no secret here. Abraham Lincoln explained how someone like Trump comes to exist.

        One of the most famous sayings attributed to Abraham Lincoln is about deception: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

        But Trump’s basket of deplorable is a lot smaller than the Never Trump voters that can’t stand the liar. Trump hasn’t fooled enough people to ever win the popular vote.

        The gap is big.

        There are about 40 million more potential voters that can’t stand Trump than the ones that would support him even if he murdered a family of five with three young children while thousands of witnesses watched.


  2. I think Mr. Lofthouse has a good point in referring to Abraham Lincoln’s insight /wisdom about human nature. But I also think that capitalism warps people–especially men where it seems it has degraded a natural competitive instinct necessary to survival into a culture of winning by any and all means and that having become the very definition of manliness since America’s first millionaire.
    The author’s point about how those NYC democrats just can’t help themselves kinda bears this out, as does the one about Trump strong arming Forbes magazine, where so many men want to see themselves listed among the 400 “kings of the hill”, to get a more favorable position.
    The farther away from living off the land we’ve gotten, the more this phenomenon of success=money=power has evolved creating the conditions for someone like Trump to get into the White House and play the office of the president by the same rules of the same game of competition rather than service to the nation by the rule of law.


    • “a culture of winning by any and all means and that having become the very definition of manliness since America’s first millionaire.”

      I have a suggestion. Let’s pit a Special Forces DELTA team against a team of millionaires and see who survives. Then we might have a new definition of manliness.


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