Anti-Abortion Hypocrisy

Donald Trump is held up as a wonderful leader of the “Pro-Life” cause.

Do those pro-lifers ever wonder how many abortions playboy Trump has paid for in his life?


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  1. No, they do not wonder —
    they “know”* that the answer is 0.
    They “know” this, because they “know” Trump is a “Godly man.”
    Despite the fact that the reality is almost certainly “a considerable number.”
    Data Point 1: We know [courtesy of “Stormy Daniels” and others] that Individual 1 likes to bareback it — even in this Age of AIDS
    Data Point 2: When directly asked about this by Maureen Dowd, during the 2016 campaign, when she was sucking up to him enough that he’d give her lengthy interviews, his response was, “Such an interesting question. Next question.”
    Data Point 3: Spanky’s referred to his amorous adventures in the go-go years as “his personal Vietnam.” Although it’s not inconceivable that this is a reference only to the risks of STDs, it’s more likely that he’s talking about the multimodal risks of both diseases and unintended pregnancies.

    The one data point against this conclusion is, one would have thought that somebody would have come forward by now to tell their story of Adventures in Trumpland, and having had to abort his offspring.
    But we also know that it’s his habit to get enforceable NDAs signed by everybody with whom he has any contact whatsoever, and to back them up with threats not just of legal action, but of personal or familial violence as well.
    So maybe that point doesn’t bear a whole lot of weight.

    *yes, of course this is sarcasm;
    quotation marks, properly used, do not denote emphasis —
    they signify irony; that the actual meaning
    is the opposite of the apparent literal meaning


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