Should Childhood Vaccines Be Mandatory?

Hell yes!

Well, let me qualify that. It’s really, really important to have everybody vaccinated against a whole host of diseases — like

  • the ones that killed nearly all of my uncles and aunts years before I was born; or
  • The Smallpox that killed hundreds of millions over the past century or two before it was eradicated; or
  • the polio that put my dad in an iron lung; or
  • the mumps, chickenpox, measles, rubella, and hepatitis that I suffered through as a kid; or
    the shingles that I got a year or so ago because I had chickenpox as a kid*; or
  • So many others, including diphtheria, pertussis, and all the rest.

I can think of some exceptions Let me list them.

If you never ride public transportation (including taxis and rental cares); AND

You never shop in a store, attend a school, or go to a museum, movie theater, or other public event; AND

You promise never to go to a hospital or clinic to rescue you when you do get sick; AND

You promise under penalty of law to always wear a brand-new face mask and surgical gloves when walking on public sidewalks, parks or anyplace that you might meet people; AND

You agree to be personally, morally, and financially liable if it is shown that you were part of a chain of infection of a disease that is preventable by a vaccine;


If you have a doctor certify that you have a compromised immune system and therefore cannot take certain vaccines.

Fair enough?

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Let me add something: we no longer vaccinate everybody against smallpox precisely because previous inoculation campaigns succeeded at wiping out this dreaded disease. No Poxes upon us any more! Yay!

The anti-vaxxers of a century or two ago, who opposed mass vaccination against smallpox, correctly pointed out that a small proportion of those inoculated would get sick. But despite the worst efforts of the antivax groups, the world finally eliminated this disease from the planet. Only two labs still have samples of the virus.

You can’t eliminate a viral disease if significant fractions of the population refuse to get vaccinated!


* because I have Crohn’s/celiac, I have to take an immunosuppressant medication, so I am not eligible for the shingles vaccine. Getting shingles like I did a couple of years ago [precisely because I had chickenpox as a kid] is really, really painful, but at least it’s not contagious AFAICT.

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