The US is surrendering to COVID

 “The facts suggest that the U.S. is not going to beat the coronavirus,” the Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal and Robinson Meyer write. “Collectively, we slowly seem to be giving up.”

That demoralized attitude is reflected at the top of American politics: It has been more than a month since the Trump administration held a daily coronavirus task force briefing. – reports the Washington Post. 

North and South America now have by far the most cases and the most deaths, as these histograms that I lifted from the European CDC make clear. 

All that orange? That’s mostly the US and Brazil, both led by ignorant, right-wing, would-be autocrats who have spent most of the past several months ignoring the threat.

Recall that the virus apparently made the leap from animals to humans in China? Well, somehow, it appears that China and most other Asian countries have done a pretty good job of stopping the spread of this deadly disease. The early death toll in Europe was frightening, but has decreased by a LOT. The US, however, has pretty much given up even trying, and now all by itself has over one-quarter of all of the deaths in the entire world, as this graph shows. Those in Africa (so far) and Oceania are minuscule by comparison.

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  1. Many in the U.S. have not surrendered to the virus. Trump is ignoring the pandemic and focusing on the protests.

    His repeated allegations that Antifa is behind the looting without any evidence is one of his ploys to shift the thinking of his deplorable supporters away from the economy and job losses. He is giving his fascist loving base an enemy to focus there hate on hate, an enemy that does not exist.

    Trump is a pantser. He doesn’t have the ability for critical thinking and problem solving needed to generate long term goals. He has a short attention span and an even shorter vocabulary.

    To compensate, he learned from Roy Cohn to use chaos to throw others off balance until they go bankrupt or give up. He looks for opportunities to mislead. He tried to mislead the country about the pandemic – that failed but he declared victory anyway. He tried to mislead over the economy – that failed but he declared victory anyway. Now he is misleading over the protests and that will probably fail, too.

    What will be his next target of opportunity that he will twist into something it isn’t? Maybe he will fire a missile into the ocean and set off a H-bomb and then claim he was saving the US from a sneak attack that didn’t exist.

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