Let Us Pray: Jair and DJT

Let us pray:

Oh God or Karma or Whoever You May Be, if You really do exist, and You understand English, please hear my prayer.

If there is some way that You can make it so that the presidents of both Brazil and the USA get really, really sick, then I will be much more likely to believe in Your Very Existence and Power.

(If you do exist, I will let You decide whether to let them to live or die on the ventilator, as long as they suffer.)

Unfortunately, You seem to have a habit of letting the richest and worst thieves live long and comfortable lives, while the masses whom they exploit (all over the world, and all through recorded history) die young, and live horribly. And some are persuaded to be employed as soldiers or slave-drivers or police, and are used to exploit and enslave others.

It took a bloody civil war to officially eliminate slavery in the US. Brazil was the last nation in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw slavery, but the slave-owners waged and won a second civil war in the South of the US, during and after Reconstruction. They managed to disenfranchise (by terror and murder) and dispossess (by cheating and violence) and re-enslaving large percentages of Black folks living there (by false accusations of imaginary crimes, summary imprisonment, and ‘sale’ of the prisoner, to the owner of a large slave-labor farm or factory or mine. These often ended up being life sentences, as the captives would be savagely beaten and tortured for not producing enough or eating too much, and/or just died from overwork.

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  1. Evidently, God is a myth and never existed. There is only the Devil, some alien from a distant planet in a galaxy far far away that calls itself Trump, that is laughing at everyone on Earth that believes in honesty, equality, a clean and healthy environment, and earning a liveable wage.


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