COVID daily deaths around the world

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It gives all sorts of data on infections, recoveries, testing, deaths, and so on from all over the world. If you look at it, you will see that none of MangoMussolini’s boasts are correct, and that some nations seem to have ‘beaten’ the virus — at least for now.

(Yes, I know, all data is somewhat suspect, and some countries are probably low-balling their numbers. But this is all the data we have.)

I will share some graphs I copied from that source, so you can see which nations appear to be doing a good job at shutting down the current pandemic. I will first show the world, then the USA, then about a dozen nations, arranged alphabetically. You will see that the US is very, very obviously not one of the countries whose leadership has been able to defeat this disease.

I will also share the number of deaths per million people.


This is for the entire world, and it’s deaths per day, as of today, August 4, 2020. Deaths are not going down. Worldwide, we have lost 90 people per million to this disease so far.
The vertical scale is obviously different from the one for the world. As you can see, deaths from COVID in the US are now about 1000 per day, and rising. The US has lost 481 people per million so far.


Brazil’s deaths never declined. They have lost 446 people per million.


That big spike in the middle is when the Chinese regime discovered they had left out a lot of COVID deaths. Since that time, they have had very, very few. They have lost 3 (yes, THREE) people per million so far.


Another country that successfully beat back the pandemic. They have lost 464 people per million so far.


As did Germany. Their total dead work out to 110 per million people so far.


India, on the other hand, has not been successful. Deaths are increasing steadily; also, it would not be surprising if a lot of them are not even being counted. They report 28 people dead per million so far.


Italy was hit hard, and hit early. However, its daily death rates appear to be going in the right direction: down. Their toll is 582 dead per million.


Mexico’s death rates do not appear to be going down. One might wonder if all of the COVID-19 deaths are even being counted. Their death total stands at 372 per million.


These figures are not going in the right direction. Plus, there are protests in Russia because folks in their Far East have evidence of serious undercounting. Their toll is 98 dead per million.


Not going in the right direction. Their toll is 144 per million.

11. SPAIN:

Like Italy, Spain was hit hard and early, but the daily death tolls now are approaching zero. Their death toll is 609 per million, one of the highest in the world.


Unlike the rest of Scandinavia, Sweden decided not to lock down at all. While the death rates are going down, they are doing so much more slowly than in most other European (and Scandinavian) nations.

Their death toll is 569 per million, one of the highest anywhere.


The United Kingdom (aka Great Britain) was hit early, and its daily death toll is going down much more slowly than in other European nations.

Their death toll is 680 per million, which is, again, one of the highest anywhere.


I don’t think you will guess the nation with the highest total COVID death rate per million, so I’ll just tell you: it’s tiny San Marino at 1238. Next come Belgium (with 850) and the UK (with 680).

Here is a table listing the top 17 nations. Being in this group is not a good thing.

RankNationDeaths per million
1San Marino1,238
13Sint Maarten373

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  1. The total population of San Marino is 33,785. Of that 33,785, only 42 have died and this tiny, little country is ranked #1 because of a ratio based on its total population?

    The United States ranked #10 has the 3rd largest population on the planet with 328.2 million with 155,204 deaths or almost 4.6 times the population of San Marino.

    The WorldOMeter for the COVID=10 Cornoavirus Padnmic ranks the United States as #1 in the world with the most deaths at 160,290.

    India has the 2nd largest population in the world at more than 1.9 billion people, and has only lost 39,820 people to the virus.

    China with the largest population in the world is ranked 2#9 with only 4,634 deaths.

    Who is supposed to be the leader of the United States? the “thing” that calls itself a man with the name that is the answer is responsible for the US having the highest death count in the world. No matter how many lies Donald Trump spins and no matter how stupid his deplorable followers are, that is not going to change.

    By the time this pandemic has run its course, Trump will earn his place on the top ten list as one of the world’s biggest mass murders in history.

    Not testing enough people will not change that.

    Twisting the facts and claiming he is doing a great job managing the pandemic will not change that.

    It doesn’t matter if Trump takes a walk down 5th Avenue in New York and starts killing people. He will never break his records for how many Americans died from COVID-19 because of HIM!


    • Exactly, Lloyd. I’ve already pointed out many times that the US has by far the largest number of COVID cases and deaths. But the US is not number one in every single category, fortunately.


      • Trump has his deplorable minions cherry-pick facts to make him look good all the time. I cannot believe that Trump has the mental ability and concentration to do this on his own.

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