A conservative asks, “What’s worth conserving?”

The article seems to be written in view of the likely thumping that the republicans will get in November. The author is not at all a fan of the racist, wacko,-far-right faction that has captured the GOP, and is proposing some things that actual conservatives should be able to unite on with today’s civil rights movement (but not with our crazies).

I actually agree with a good number of his points, but not all.

One point he makes is that supporting the Confederacy or Naziism should be absolutely off limits. Doing so completely discredits you.

(As should supporting Communist regimes.)

Here’s the link.

I’m pretty sure this is not behind a paywall.

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  1. I’m happy to let the conservatives figure out what they have to offer after Trump has destroyed the Republican party. I expect that many “conservatives” will stick to a kind of politics based on opposition to abortion rights, opposition to universal health insurance, opposition to decent pay for workers, and so on. I’m more interested in figuring out what the left should do. I would argue for a step-by-step move towards a single-payer health insurance system, reform of the tax code, a decent minimum wage, and a good climate policy, for a start. I think there’s a good progressive program that a majority of the country would support.

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    • Sorry I’m so late in responding.
      Not bad ideas.
      I think eliminating forced arbitration, and making it easier for gig workers (and many others) to organize to defend their own interests versus those of the 0.001% would help, too.
      I’m truly scared of an attempt at a fascist coup in the next few months.


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