White Working Class: who are your best allies?

(Hint: it’s not billionaires. None of them.)

Jessie Memer (see below) is right on the money. Let me emphasize: white working class folks need to wake up and realize who are their best allies in the struggle for a decent life, where the super rich can’t rip us all off a million ways to Sunday.

(For example, we are all robbed by un-noticed fine print in contracts that make us pay through the nose for nothing; many go bankrupt because of serious illness because of extortionate health care costs that are paid by patients NOWHERE ELSE in the developed world; people get evicted from our homes and apartments after they’ve jacked up our rents or turned our mortgages into nightmares, and we’ve lost our jobs… And there is no job security at all! While a handful of billionaires and bankers, here and around the world, hoover up trillions in wealth. So many folks are forced to flee their homelands for safety, and then are condemned as criminals in the countries where they flee to.)

The best allies, I say, of the white working class are NOT the fuckhead Nazi wannabees telling lies about superior races. No, their allies should precisely be the black folks and the immigrants who have been getting screwed worst of all and do the very hardest, dirtiest, and lowest-paid work. Which it shouldn’t be: those are HARD jobs picking fruit, building houses, and cleaning apartments! That should be paid well, and the workers should have decent health care, unemploym,ent insurance, SS, and so on. Instead, they often have their pay stolen – and who knows where their paycheck deductions go?

Immigrants who lack the absolutely unattainable proper papers of course have no hardly any rights and can be ‘legally’ kidnapped and deported at almost any moment. So it’s extremely difficult for them to join the struggle. We need to be fighting for amnesty for all immigrants lacking papers who have been working here for X amount of time without causing problems.

The mass incarcerations, deportations, and brutality exhibited by police and the state against Black folks and immigrants should be fought by the entire working class. White folks need to listen to Black folks and immigrants more, and not fall for the lies spewed by Faux News and racist right-wing vigilantes.

We should have deported the billionaire immigrant Rupert Murdoch long ago.

And we all need to be fighting racism. Black and Brown Lives Matter!

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  1. It will be a very big challenge to get the uneducated white male Trumpest Faux News ditto heads to think.


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