Anger AND Schadenfreude

I don’t want Fat Donnie to die right away.

I’d prefer that he suffer for a while.

I hope he lives long enough (though in pain and mabe on a ventilator) to see him and his gritting Republican enablers get swept out of office in a landslide.

I hope he lives long enough to get put out of the office, and indicted on numerous counts of fraud, criminal money laundering, rape, bribery, extortion, and more.

I hope he goes bankrupt so bad that the Russian mafia and Deutsch Bank both send people to rearrange his anatomy in unpleasant ways.

But most of all I want blacks, whites, asians, Latinos, etc who belong to the middle class and working class and poverty stricken class to realize that we are not each other’s enemies: we are being divided and set upon each other by the agents of the tiny class of billionaires who don’t want ANY of us to have decent schools for our kids. Or decent, guaranteed medical care. Or healthful food in stores. Or decent pay or any job security. While they make out like — I was gonna say “bandits” but the Koch brothers, the Walton family, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Vladimir Putin, Saudi monarchs, and all the rest — they are wealthier than any ruling class ever dreamed of being in the past.

Yet they want more.

LEt us keep note of all the sycophantic grifters and perverts in his entourage, and not forget their sins nor forgive them too easily. Let us remember all the racist and fascistic thugs that hang onto Fat Donnie’s latest lies, no matter what. Those people cannot be trusted under any circumstances. Remember them!

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  1. ?The screed below represents pretty much my feelings as well. I just hope more assholes don’t feel sorry for the bastard and vote for him.

    And attached is David Brooks column from today’s NY Times. Imagine this conservative saying such things. Note that he includes as “felons” his associates, which I define as the entire Republican party.



    Gerald R. Rising SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus University at Buffalo



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