Criminal Gangs in Yet Another Police Department


Los Angeles deputy says colleagues are part of violent gang

Compton, Calif., Mayor Aja Brown, left, calls on the state attorney general’s office and the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s station at a news conference in Compton Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020. A violent gang of sheriff’s deputies who call themselves “The Executioners” control a patrol station in Compton through force, threats, work slowdowns and acts of revenge against those who speak out, a deputy alleged in a legal claim.

(Stefanie Dazio/Associated Press)

By Stefanie Dazio | AP

August 4 at 5:15 PM ET

COMPTON, Calif. — A violent gang of Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who call themselves “The Executioners” control a patrol station in Compton through force, threats, work slowdowns and acts of revenge against those who speak out, a deputy alleges in a legal claim.

Austreberto Gonzalez, a former Marine and a sheriff’s deputy since 2007, said in a notice of claim ahead of a planned lawsuit that the gang retaliated against him for months after he anonymously reported a fellow deputy for allegedly assaulting a coworker in February “to further the reputation of the gang.”

Gonzalez later received a text message with a photo of graffiti at the station, he said. The graffiti allegedly said, “ART IS A RAT.”

On Tuesday, Councilwoman Michelle Chambers said she saw the graffiti at the station as recently as last week. It has since been removed, she said.

Chambers said at a news conference that it’s unacceptable Compton residents are still dealing with reports of excessive force in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody last May.

Chambers, as well as Compton Mayor Aja Brown and City Attorney Damon Brown and others, called on the state attorney general’s office and the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the sheriff’s station.

Other community members at the news conference told stories of their interactions with deputies, which ranged from disrespectful exchanges to motor vehicle stops to arrests.

Gonzalez’s June 23 claim was first reported by The Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

The allegations against the Compton deputies follow accusations of other gangs in the department — called the Spartans, Regulators, Grim Reapers and Banditos — that also share tattoos and a history of violence, the Times said.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said last week during a Facebook Live event that “there is no gang of any deputies running any station.” But he later issued a statement saying he takes the allegations seriously “and recently published a policy specifically addressing illicit groups, deputy cliques, and subgroups.”

The statement said the issue is being investigated.

Another departmental statement, issued after the Compton news conference on Tuesday, said multiple investigations are underway — including one by the FBI.

Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman, said she could not confirm or deny the existence of a potential investigation into the Compton sheriff’s station.

The state attorney general’s office also said “to protect its integrity, we are unable to comment on a potential or ongoing investigation.”

Compton has contracted with the sheriff’s department since 2000 to provide law enforcement for the city. The $22 million annual contract is in the third year of a five-year agreement, officials said.

Gonzalez estimates that there are 20 “inked” members of the Executioners gang in the station, and another 20 who are prospective members or close associates.

The “inked” members have matching tattoos — “a skull with Nazi imagery, holding an AK-47” — that indicate their affiliation with the gang, Gonzalez alleged in his claim. There are no Black or female members.

The deputy also accused the gang of threatening work slowdowns by disregarding radio calls or responding to them slowly, as well as instituting illegal arrest quotas, if they did not get their desired schedules or assignments.

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COVID daily deaths around the world

Please bookmark this page:

It gives all sorts of data on infections, recoveries, testing, deaths, and so on from all over the world. If you look at it, you will see that none of MangoMussolini’s boasts are correct, and that some nations seem to have ‘beaten’ the virus — at least for now.

(Yes, I know, all data is somewhat suspect, and some countries are probably low-balling their numbers. But this is all the data we have.)

I will share some graphs I copied from that source, so you can see which nations appear to be doing a good job at shutting down the current pandemic. I will first show the world, then the USA, then about a dozen nations, arranged alphabetically. You will see that the US is very, very obviously not one of the countries whose leadership has been able to defeat this disease.

I will also share the number of deaths per million people.


This is for the entire world, and it’s deaths per day, as of today, August 4, 2020. Deaths are not going down. Worldwide, we have lost 90 people per million to this disease so far.
The vertical scale is obviously different from the one for the world. As you can see, deaths from COVID in the US are now about 1000 per day, and rising. The US has lost 481 people per million so far.


Brazil’s deaths never declined. They have lost 446 people per million.


That big spike in the middle is when the Chinese regime discovered they had left out a lot of COVID deaths. Since that time, they have had very, very few. They have lost 3 (yes, THREE) people per million so far.


Another country that successfully beat back the pandemic. They have lost 464 people per million so far.


As did Germany. Their total dead work out to 110 per million people so far.


India, on the other hand, has not been successful. Deaths are increasing steadily; also, it would not be surprising if a lot of them are not even being counted. They report 28 people dead per million so far.


Italy was hit hard, and hit early. However, its daily death rates appear to be going in the right direction: down. Their toll is 582 dead per million.


Mexico’s death rates do not appear to be going down. One might wonder if all of the COVID-19 deaths are even being counted. Their death total stands at 372 per million.


These figures are not going in the right direction. Plus, there are protests in Russia because folks in their Far East have evidence of serious undercounting. Their toll is 98 dead per million.


Not going in the right direction. Their toll is 144 per million.

11. SPAIN:

Like Italy, Spain was hit hard and early, but the daily death tolls now are approaching zero. Their death toll is 609 per million, one of the highest in the world.


Unlike the rest of Scandinavia, Sweden decided not to lock down at all. While the death rates are going down, they are doing so much more slowly than in most other European (and Scandinavian) nations.

Their death toll is 569 per million, one of the highest anywhere.


The United Kingdom (aka Great Britain) was hit early, and its daily death toll is going down much more slowly than in other European nations.

Their death toll is 680 per million, which is, again, one of the highest anywhere.


I don’t think you will guess the nation with the highest total COVID death rate per million, so I’ll just tell you: it’s tiny San Marino at 1238. Next come Belgium (with 850) and the UK (with 680).

Here is a table listing the top 17 nations. Being in this group is not a good thing.

RankNationDeaths per million
1San Marino1,238
13Sint Maarten373

Only 5% …

This is from Peter Greene, of Curmudgucation

Everything’s Made Up (And Nobody Is Behind)

Posted: 17 Jul 2020 01:18 PM PDT

This is the opportunity we’re missing, but to grab it would require us to look at things that some of us would rather not look at.

We can start with the notion that students are currently “falling behind.” Well, now– behind what, exactly? Is there some line scribed by the Hand of God in the intellectual sand that tells us, yes, a child who has been on earth 193 months should have crossed this absolute line on the One True Path of intellectual growth?

No box. Also, no spoon.No, because it’s all made up. The line that says “This is where they should be” is made up. In fact, the notion that there is a single path along which progress should be measured is also made up. Hell, this should not be news, because it wasn’t that long ago that we moved all the lines, accompanied by declarations about rigor and challenge and other baloney that posited that making kindergarten the new first grade was somehow a good idea because it would push students “ahead” of that made up line on that made up path. none of this “ahead/behind” baloney is based on anything scientific or objective or rooted in anything except that some people with power decided “This is the rule we’d like to make up.”

People are really struggling. There are so many nuts and bolts questions that are coming up in the face of whatever-the-hell is going to happen in a few weeks, like “If a teacher is sent to quarantine for fourteen days, does she have to use her sick days” and the thing about most of these questions is that they involve made up rules that were made up without any inkling that we would find ourselves here some day. The rules about how many sick days a teacher can have are made up. The rules about what they can be used for are made up. And the most important implication of this is that to deal with brand new situations, people will have to make up some new rules (which will also be made up).

My colleague Nancy Flanagan has observed repeatedly that nobody is coming up with solutions that are remotely outside the box, and I think she’s right, and I think a big reason for that is a desire (which in times of uncertainty and general messiness inflames into a burning gut-level need) to hold onto the fiction that the box is a Real Thing, and objective Box of Truth that emerged fully-formed from a burning bush.

It’s not. The box is made up.

Now, I’m not suggesting that “made up” means fake or false or stupid. We make up rules all the time, often for very good reasons. “Drive on the right-hand side of the road” is an arbitrary made up rule, but it’s a very useful made up rule. Some rules are rooted in experience, the collectively learning of things that work and things that don’t. Some rules are rules because they have always been rules, but those reasons are long lost to memory. Some rules are the result of expert judgment exercised by trained experts who have expertly studied the issue, and some are the result of that youtube video you saw last night.

We US citizens have an uneasy relationship with the made-up nature of rules. Our religious ancestors  believed they were following rules literally handed down by God. Some of our founding fathers, following the Enlightenment ideas of the time, believed they were using reason and intellect to uncover the rules hard-wired into the universe. We were going to be better than those European royal mopes who just made rules up to suit their moods and self-interest (even if many founding fathers had trouble actually applying the rules they discerned to their own actual lives).

Making shit up is what humans do. I have what I call the 5% rule– 95% of everything is just stuff that humans make up, and then, having made it up, examine it with great weight and import as if it had just fallen out of the sky and not out of a human head. We do things like decide a “week” will have seven days, and then ponder the deep significance of having seven days in a week. 5% of everything is actually important, actually matters, actually has weight and significance. The trick here is that none of us can agree on what the 5% is. Plus, if your 5% includes things like loving and supporting the people around you, well, then, that means going along with some of their 5%. It gets tricky.

Almost everything is made up, and that’s not an indictment of it. The question is not, “Is this made up or not” because it probably is. The question is, “Is it made well, based on evidence and wisdom and good intent.”

But I digress.

Pretty much everything about school is made up, an artificial construct created by parents and politicians and teachers and tradition–oh, so much tradition– as well as a few decades of predatory profiteer activity. But in normal times, much of that stuff, from “students sit in a desk in a room” to “everyone eats lunch together in a big room” to “all students come at the same time and leave at the same time” works just fine. Some of it, from “this Big Standardized Test measures the intellectual growth and capabilities of students” to “anyone with a pulse can run a classroom,” has been destructive. “Everyone needs to get back in the box, right now, and act as if nothing unusual is going on,” seems like potentially a really bad idea.

We are clutching hard to our made up rules these days. I don’t think it’s just the pandemic. Nobody has personified the view that all these rules are just made up shit more than Donald Trump. We have held tight to our conventions about government and elected officials for what seems like ages, but Trump’s whole life is about ignoring all rules and conventions. “It’s not actually a rule,” he says, “unless someone can actually do something to me for breaking it.” For people who want to believe we live by laws and rules and not just a bunch of made up shit that exists only as long as we all agree to ac t like it exists, these have been really scary times.

And you know who make great rules followers? Who believe you just don’t break the rules because you just don’t? Teachers. It is one of their greatest weaknesses.

Back when I was a yearbook advisor, the first thing I told each new crop of student leaders was that when planning the new book, they were to ignore the old books. Imagine designing a book from scratch. What would you do? How would you do it? Even if you reach a conclusion identical to last year’s book, at least you’ll know you’re doing it for a better reason than “That’s what they did last year.”

We could be doing that with schools right now, saying “If we were designing schools from scratch right now with zero rules in place, what would we do.” Instead, the discussion (led mostly by non-teachers) is about how to keep as many of our made up rules as possible intact.

You would think reformsters would be all over this opportunity to get outside the box, but they’ve always been mostly about preserving the made up rules–just tweaking them to add a few that let privateers make a buck. It has always been a useful for tactic for them to act as if public schools are locked in a solid titanium box brought down by the gods and unalterable by human hands; that way, clearly, the only solution to supplant the public system with something else.And now even Betsy DeVos has dropped her noise about letting a thousand virtual flowers bloom and instead argues that school this fall should look just like every other fall.

If we started from scratch, one would hope that we decided that trained professionals in a setting that maximized student safety and provided education for every single child in the country would still be on the program. For me, that’s the 5% of public education, and all the rest is less important, or only important insofar as it helps us reach those goals. (Charter and voucher fans are welcome to tell me how their favorite ideas would help, and I will go ahead an explain, once again, why they’re wrong.)

But step one is to recognize that all of this stuff is made up, created by humans with a range iof intents and wisdom, and as humans we are perfectly capable of unmakimg it up and remaking something new up in its place. We can stop the stupid noise about where students are relatively to some made up standard and stop worrying about how a real pandemic response might require us to rewrite some made up rules.

We like the rules. We like the feeling of a solid earth under our feet. We like feeling that stuff came from some higher source than Made Up By Regular Humans. Just watch as July and August unfold– I predict that the majority of school district administrators will wait to see what other districts do, and then adopt that plan, as if those other administrators have some pipeline to wisdom that local leaders do not. Shame on them. All the plans that come will be made up stuff. Have the nerve to make something up that best fits your local district. There is no box, and nobody is coming to save you with a Higher Truth. You’re going to have to make something up.

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Let Us Pray: Jair and DJT

Let us pray:

Oh God or Karma or Whoever You May Be, if You really do exist, and You understand English, please hear my prayer.

If there is some way that You can make it so that the presidents of both Brazil and the USA get really, really sick, then I will be much more likely to believe in Your Very Existence and Power.

(If you do exist, I will let You decide whether to let them to live or die on the ventilator, as long as they suffer.)

Unfortunately, You seem to have a habit of letting the richest and worst thieves live long and comfortable lives, while the masses whom they exploit (all over the world, and all through recorded history) die young, and live horribly. And some are persuaded to be employed as soldiers or slave-drivers or police, and are used to exploit and enslave others.

It took a bloody civil war to officially eliminate slavery in the US. Brazil was the last nation in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw slavery, but the slave-owners waged and won a second civil war in the South of the US, during and after Reconstruction. They managed to disenfranchise (by terror and murder) and dispossess (by cheating and violence) and re-enslaving large percentages of Black folks living there (by false accusations of imaginary crimes, summary imprisonment, and ‘sale’ of the prisoner, to the owner of a large slave-labor farm or factory or mine. These often ended up being life sentences, as the captives would be savagely beaten and tortured for not producing enough or eating too much, and/or just died from overwork.

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Parents who are teachers talk about the dilemma of trying to reopen schools in this pandemic

There are NO good options, these parent-teachers write. Link is here.

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Testing kids a la NCLB in the era of COVID-19

Has DCPS and OSSE decided what to do about testing? Here, Bob Schaeffer Of Fairtest collects News articles what other states Have done or are contemplating. Guy

From: “Bob Schaeffer 

Two steps forward, one step back.  At the same time assessment reform activists are pressing to have standardized exams waived for the upcoming school year — if classes even resume this fall — the test-and-punish crowd is pushing to restore previous requirements  .  .  .  and then some! 

Because testing is primarily a political policy, not an educational one, effective organizing by parents, educators and will be needed to block the reimposition of punitive assessments and  extend testing suspensions at least through June 2021. 

Should Standardized Tests Be Administered In a Pandemic?

 State Issues Guidance for Optional Use of Formative and Interim Assessments

Will the State Cancel School Tests Again for the 2020-2021 Academic Year?

State Submits Formal Testing Waiver Request to U.S. Department of Education

Despite Concerns, Schools Can Give Third Grade Reading Test to Entering Fourth Graders This Fall

Education Groups Seek Federal Testing Waiver for Coming School Year

Six Ways High-Stakes Testing Has Failed Our Students
Massachusetts NAACP Launches Petition to Waive Selective High School Admission Test

Criticism of Public Education Based on Test Scores Is Misguided

New York 
Legislators Back Repeal of Specialized High School Admissions Test

Black Students Seek Overhaul of High School Admissions Testing Policy
Pennsylvania School Grades Are Unfair

South Carolina Legislator Calls for State to Waive 2020-2021 School Tests No Matter What Feds Say

 Parents, Elected Officials Press State to Reconsider Plan to Resume High-Stakes Testing
Texas Don’t Restart State Testing, Rethink Entire Approach to Assessment

College Admissions Graduate Departments Shift From Reliance on GRE
College Admissions Time to Move Away from Admissions Tests

Worth Reading Pandemic Creates Opportunity to Rethink Role of Standardized Tests
Worth Reading Students Score Lower Taking Online Tests

Bob Schaeffer, interim Executive DirectorFairTest: National Center for Fair & Open Testingoffice-  (239) 395-6773    mobile-  (239) 699-0468web-


Posted by: Bob Schaeffer <

Yahoo! Groups

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There will be no normal education this fall…

… points out Steven Singer, the Gadfly on the Wall. He explains:

“…we will not have face-to-face instruction this year. It will be mask-to-mask or screen-to-screen.

That cannot be emphasized enough.

None of the possible solutions does a perfect job overcoming the problems.”

Here’s the rest of his post.

My own son and daughter-in-law are not planning on sending their young children back to school in the fall. They see no way it can be safe.

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A teacher ponders how (and whether) schools could open

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Trump “Survey”

Here is a survey that the Trump campaign just sent me. You might find it interesting, and hilarious at the same time, especially since Breibart and Fox are literally Fake News Media,

Official Trump MAGA Rally Prep Survey

Do you approve of President Trump’s job performance?YesNo

Do you believe the Fake News Media is biased against President Trump and his administration?YesNo

Do you believe the Fake News Media is actively working against President Trump?YesNo

Do you believe the Fake News Media actively tries to sway public opinion against President Trump?YesNo

Do you believe the mainstream media wants to see President Trump and his administration fail?YesNo

Do you believe the mainstream media would rather see our Nation fail than watch President Trump succeed?YesNo

Do you believe the mainstream media wants the economy to suffer because they think that it hurts President Trump’s reelection chances?YesNo

Do you believe fake news outlets should be held accountable for writing FALSE stories?YesNo

Which do you believe the media values more?Appeasing their Democrat PartnersReporting the FACTS

Do you agree with President Trump that our Nation’s safety should be our first priority?YesNo

Do you agree with President Trump when he says it is “CRAZY” to defund the police?YesNo

Did you know that Joe Biden has joined Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to defund the police?YesNo

Do you believe that Radical Leftists are unfairly demonizing local law enforcement?YesNo

Do you approve of the job President Trump is doing to Keep America Safe?YesNo

Do you believe China should pay for their responsibility in spreading and covering up the Coronavirus?YesNo

Do you support President Trump’s 3 phase Guidelines for Opening Up America Again?YesNoNo OpinionOther

Do you support President Trump’s decision to increase testing rates so America can safely reopen?YesNo

Do you support President Trump’s efforts to reopen American businesses?YesNoNo OpinionOther

Do you agree with President Trump that schools must reopen in the fall?YesNo

Do you believe our Country is headed in the right direction?YesNo

Do you agree that before the Invisible Enemy invaded our shores, President Trump had built the greatest economy the world had ever seen?YesNo

Do you believe that President Trump is prepared to lead the greatest comeback in American history?YesNo

Did you know that 4.5 MILLION jobs were added in June, making it the largest one-month increase in HISTORY?YesNo

Did you know that unemployment DROPPED 2.2% in June?YesNo

Do you believe President Trump will make the economy even stronger than before?YesNo

Who would you rather have in charge of our Nation’s recovery?President TrumpSleepy Joe Biden

Who would you rather see as President of the United States?President TrumpSleepy Joe Biden

Do you believe President Trump is in a good position to win in November?YesNo

As of today, who will you vote for in November?President TrumpChina Joe

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Betsy Wolf analyzes inequalities in DC school funding

It’s not simple.

Are We Funding Our Schools Equitably?

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