Trump is a Rapist!

I quote from the official complaint:

Plaintiff [named here as Jane Doe] was enticed by promises of money and a modeling career to attend a series of parties, with other similarly situated minor females, held at a New York City residence that was being used by Defendant Jeffrey Epstein. At least four of the parties were attended by Defendant Trump …  by this time in 1994, Defendant Trump had known Defendant Epstein for seven years (New York,  10/28/02), and knew that Plaintiff was then just 13 years old. […] 
Defendant Trump initiated sexual contact with Plaintiff at four different parties.On the fourth and final sexual encounter with Defendant Trump, Defendant Trump tied Plaintiff to a bed, exposed himself to Plaintiff, and then proceeded to forcibly rape Plaintiff. During the course of this savage sexual attack, Plaintiff loudly pleaded with Defendant Trump to  stop but with no effect. Defendant Trump responded to Plaintiff’s pleas by violently striking Plaintiff in the face with his open hand and screaming that he would do whatever he wanted. […] 
Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened Plaintiff that, were she ever to reveal any of the details of the sexual and physical abuse of her by Defendant Trump, Plaintiff and her family would be physically harmed if not killed. 
Both Defendants let Plaintiff know that each was a very wealthy, powerful man and indicated that they had the power, ability and means to carry out their threats. Indeed,Defendant Trump stated that Plaintiff shouldn’t ever say anything if she didn’t want  to disappear like Maria, a 12-year-old female that was forced to be involved in the third incident with Defendant Trump and that Plaintiff had not seen since that third incident, and that he was capable of having her whole family killed. […] .

The duress had prevented Plaintiff from starting litigation before this year. However, as soon as she surfaced, she received threats. More specifically, shortly after her first complaint was filed in California on April 26, 2016, she started receiving threatening phone calls on her cell phone

Where DCPS “Consulting” $$$ goes, continued

I have posted on Google Docs a large spreadsheet showing all of the DCPS contracts that appear to me to be for ‘consulting’, ‘teacher training’, ‘educational services’, ‘tutoring’, and the like, for the period August 2009 through October 2010, which is all I have been able to find.

The spreadsheet is currently in alphabetical order by the names of the companies, but you can import the spreadsheet into your own computer and do anything you like with it.

If you look at the data carefully, you will notice that there are numerous instances of what appear to be double payments to the exact same firm, on the exact same day, under the exact same purchase order and invoice numbers, for the exact same amount of money. Is this legitimate? Or did the companies get double the money for a single amount of “work”? Or did somebody just innocently but mistakenly write it down twice but paid them only once? I have no idea, but it sure looks suspicious.

Perhaps wiser and more-connected readers than me can shed some light on this topic.

Here is the link:


If you want to see all the raw data as put forth by month by DCPS, you can look here:


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Here is where DCPS $$ went to:

I claimed before that DCPS spends an amazing amount of its money on things that are labeled as ‘contracting’, ‘educational services’, and the like.

Now, you can see for yourself the amounts awarded to the largest recipients during the time period August 2009 through October 2010. Here goes:

and BearPaw Tutors  $       84,000   2

You may notice that my cutoff point was the arbitrary amount of $50,000. If a firm received multiple payments, I added them all up. If a company received a single payment over $100,000, I put it in the list.

Some of these entries really make me wonder.

For one thing, I thought that construction and facilities management was no longer a DCPS budget item, but belonged to OSSE.  So why is DCPS paying a construction firm like Whiting-Turner for ‘Construction Management Services’?

For another thing: Why is DCPS paying $3.4 million dollars to something called “Nonpublic Educational Services”, for “consulting and teacher training services”?

And what on earth are we paying Harvard University $1.2 million dollars? Is that so that the statistical wunderkind Roland Fryer can produce his fraudulent data claiming that there are a couple of subgroups of students who, occasionally, can be bribed to do the right thing?

I was also really astonished at how much money DCPS is paying for companies to tutor students under NCLB. Frankly, it sounds at first like a real racket. I bet they get $X per hour per student, and pay the actual tutor something like one-third of that. Most of the companies were ones I had never heard of. These companies stand out for earning the most money just for tutoring, as far as I can tell, based on the summaries published by DCPS:

I think that’s quite a bit of money. Is it being usefully spent? Are my suspicions justified? I don’t know, and I don’t want to make any more accusations without further investigation. Anybody know anything about how these various tutoring firms actually operate? Is it a scam, or is it useful?

Do you remember the Friends of Bedford, who were unable to run Dunbar SHS? Look at the table, and find out how much they got in just 14 months. Do you think you, yourself, might have done as good a job?

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