Would You Believe that Romney’s Old Friends at Bain Support Michelle Rhee?

That’s right, the same group of companies that made billions for Mitt Romney by tearing companies to bits and selling them off and moving all the manufacturing facilities overseas – yes, Bain *  is proud to announce that it is a major supporter of the serial liar, Michelle Rhee and her Astroturf organization Students First.

Note that Rhee has still not disclosed any financial reports from SF. She seems pretty desperate to get folks to “join” — but at SF, you have to take a bit of care to NOT get sucked into putting your name on something that sounds reasonable, like apple pies for the teacher or something. If you just look at her website, you might not notice that she is taking the money from Bain and Gates and the Koch brothers and going around lobbying for the most vile laws that will, if they continue, utterly destroy public education in this country and will make more kids suffer from a cram-it-down-their-throat regime.

You probably think I’m making this up.


See for yourself.

* [not Capital, but just plain Bain. See if you can figure it out; there are some important technical differences between Bain this and Bain that, bviously, but while in law it makes a huge difference, to me, not so much. In fact, I began thinking, “When you’ve seen one billionaire, you’ve seen them all.” However, I thought some folks might be offended, so I won’t write it any more just now.]

Another addendum: read this article about Bain et al by somebody who appears to be far to my political right. You can also look at this op-ed that ran in the Washington Post.

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